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Character Information
Gender: Male ♂
Also known as: Blue Pants Guy
Species: Blue humanoid
Friends: Gumball
Relatives: An unnamed daughter
Occupation: Hot-dog vendor
Truck driver
Joyful Burger cashier
Sewer worker
Construction worker
Food truck worker
Taxi driver
First Appearance: "The DVD" (newspaper) "The Third" (debut)
Voice: Dan Russell

Pantsbully is a recurring character in The Amazing World of Gumball. He first appeared in "The Third" as a construction worker, warning Gumball not to go over the freshly laid cement on the sidewalk.


With a prominent unibrow and big pink lips, Pantsbully has a bean-shaped body, usually clad in his light blue underpants and black boots. He also wears a black hat with a blue skull on it.

In season 2, he has a much simpler design and is a lighter shade of blue—the most noticeable change being that he now has two normal eyebrows instead of a unibrow.


Like LarryRocky, Karen, and the flight attendant, Pantsbully seems to have many different occupations around Elmore— in "The Third," he appeared as a construction worker, in "The Secret" as a sewer worker, and in "The Ghost" as a street vendor.

In "The Genius," he appeared for a split second on a website called "Being a Genius for Fools," implying that he may not be very intelligent.

Episode appearances

Season 1

  • "The DVD": He briefly appears on Elmore Daily.
  • "The Third": He warns Gumball not to go over the freshly laid cement.
  • "The Debt": He performs CPR on Mr. Robinson, who did not need it.
  • "The End": He is seen in the line at Food 'n' Stuff.
  • "The Dress": He is driving his scooter.
  • "The Ghost": Gumball (possessed by Carrie) attacks his hotdog kiosk.
  • "The Prank": He and Marvin watch two paramedics pull a bucket off of Richard's head.
  • "The Secret": He can be seen working as a sewer worker. He sees Gumball and Darwin in bottles of water, then tells them to find the way to the Wattersons' house.
  • "The Genius": He appears in a "Being a Genius for Fools" window on the computer.
  • "The Wand": He appears in one of Richard's flashbacks along with Marvin, driving his car, and Gary is up on top of a ladder at his house.
  • "The Curse": He is driving his truck, which gets hit by multiple tires, and crashes into the forest. Later, he is seen driving his truck again, and he gawks at the floating Daisyland ticket, which is blown away from him.

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

  • "The Rerun": He is seen at the mall again.
  • "The Boredom": He is seen at the mall once again.
  • "The Choices": He appears at Nicole's graduation and when she becomes the president.
  • "The Code": He is seen in his car.
  • "The Catfish": He is at the mall.
  • ""The Stars": He is seen at the cinema watching ManMan and is later seen with five stars, giving other people bad reviews until Gumball gives him one.
  • ""The Diet": He is seen in the crowd watching Richard.
  • ""The Menu": He is seen at the mall walking.
  • "The Weirdo": He is seen at the street.
  • "The Worst": He is on the bus.
  • "The Petals": He is seen working at a hot dog stand at the mall.
  • "The Line": He is in the line for Stellar Odyssey.
  • "The List": He is seen cheering for Gumball and Darwin during a running contest.
  • "The News": He is seen on the news.

Season 6


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  • As shown in "The Debt," he knows CPR.
  • In "The Curse," it is shown he owns a truck.
  • Like many minor characters on the show, Pantsbully's voice was different in each of his brief appearances for part of season 1.
  • He went through one of the most drastic season 2 redesigns.
  • In "The Oracle," it is shown he is a father.
  • While his physical appearance makes him seem quite young, he appeared in a yearbook featuring Richard, meaning he should be around his age.
  • His name is revealed in "The Wand."

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