This is a list compilation of all the enemies from the The Amazing World of Gumball app, Mutant Fridge Mayhem.

Normal enemies


  • Mutant Carrot

The basic enemy in the game. Moves and attacks slowly.


  • Mutant Broccoli

It is the same as the mutant carrot, but with more health.


  • Mutant Steaks

The weakest of all enemies. They are defeated in a single hit. They grab you to attack. If they grab you, tap rapidly to avoid receiving more damage. This enemy is the only one that can fly, apart from the fridge boss.

  • Mutant Cheese Support unit. Constantly rolls from one end of the screen to another, unless it either runs into an obstacle or is hit by the player. After every roll, regardless of whether or not it makes it all the way to the other end of the screen, it gets stunned for a few seconds.


  • Mutant Tomato

Another basic enemy. Higher movement speed, attack speed, and health than the mutant broccoli and mutant carrot.


  • Mutant Icetray

Usually stationary upon entering the field. Shoots ice blocks that freeze the character upon impact, incapacitating them until freed by a teammate's attack or. If both other characters are incapacitated (frozen or dead), the active character gets released, at the cost of a few life points.



  • Bread Man

First miniboss. It has high health and a high damaging attack. Attack is slow but cannot be interrupted. Hard to knock back/stagger, meaning players cannot move past it easily. One of the more dangerous enemies to fight.


  • Mutant Meatloaf

Second miniboss. Summons three meatballs every once in a while that chase down and attack the player. Can also do a slow, uninterruptable, and heavily damaging attack similar to the Bread Man.



  • Mutant Fridge

The main boss of the game. It is fought three times, getting progressively harder with each battle.

The first time is at the end of stage one, (Snack Attack). This version has two attacks: slamming open its fridge door, and flying around, trying to squish you when it lands. Both attacks deal heavy damage, especially the latter.

The second time is at the end of stage two, (Takeout Terror). This version has three attacks: the two mentioned above, and a freeze ray that freezes characters on impact. More often than not, two of your characters will get frozen, as they switch right into the line of fire.

The third and final confrontation is at the end of stage three, (Hallway of Horror). This version has the same three attacks as the previous version, but moves and attacks much faster. 

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