Mrs. Jötunheim
Hectors Mom Vector V2
Character Information
Gender: Female ♀
Also known as: Mom (by Hector), Hector's Mom (by Richard)
Species: Troll witch
Age: 28
Friends: Gumball, Darwin
Enemies: Troll
Relatives: Hector (son), an unnamed husband
Occupation: Cleaning lady, Witch (secretly)
First Appearance: "The Colossus"
Voice: Sandra Searles Dickinson
Color Scheme
Skin Shirt Hair Nose
Mrs. Jötunheim is a recurring character in The Amazing World of Gumball. Her first appearance was in "The Colossus." She is Hector's mother despite not resembling her son.


Mrs. Jötunheim is a short, elderly-looking woman. Her skin is green and wrinkled, and her gray hair is held up in a bun. She has a large, lavender nose, and slightly pale lips with two blunt teeth sticking up out of the bottom. She wears a purple dress and two rows of golden bangles on both of her arms. She is shown to be very short in stature, as both Gumball and Darwin are taller than her.


Mrs. Jötunheim is very protective of her son, choosing what movies he should watch and what comics he should read; It is later revealed that she has a very good reason for doing so, since, as she later explains to Gumball and Darwin, literally everything about a giant is big, including their emotion— as a result, they have to be kept as calm as possible. She initially had a confrontational attitude towards Gumball and Darwin, however, she did not seem to blame them when Hector began destroying the town (even though it was, at least partially, their fault).

Episode Appearances

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  • Her design is a homage to the character Yubaba and as well as her younger twin sister Zeniba from the Studio Ghibli film Spirited Away.
  • Her right eye is gray, indicating that she may be blind in that eye, or have a glass eye.
    • However, when she takes off her makeup in "The Castle," both of her eyes are gray, revealing that it is simply her natural eye color.
  • In Norse mythology, Jötunheimr is the homeland of the giants, which is fitting because of who and what her son is.
  • In "The Singing," it is revealed that she is only twenty-eight years old despite looking much older.
  • It is revealed in "The Colossus" that she owns at least three magical brooms that are capable of flight, similar to witches of legend.

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