Mr. Chanax
Character Information
Gender: Male ♂
Species: Paper
Age: 400+
Friends: Goblin
Enemies: Gumball, Darwin, and Rocky
Relatives: Paperball (alter-ego)
Occupation: Boss of Chanax Inc.
First Appearance: "The Boss"
Voice: Dan Russell

Mr. Chanax is a single-appearance character in The Amazing World of Gumball. After four hundred years years in his business, he decided to "retire," and "spend more time with his family." The company then replaced him with the Goblin after Mr. Chanax was killed by Gumball, Darwin, and Rocky. He has made his only physical appearance in "The Boss." He makes a brief cameo in "The Apprentice," where he is framed outside the bathrooms, and in a flashback in "The Future," where he barks orders at Banana Barbara at Chanax Inc.


Mr. Chanax looks similar to Paperball. The reason for this is because he is using Paperball's body, and is hidden, due to his host's crumpled nature. He is revealed when unfolded, and he has a more sinister (and detailed) face. He also has a very evil and demonic voice.


Mr. Chanax is pure evil, a malevolent, power-hungry monster who controls his employees by enslaving them in a prison of a job that consumes their existences, and by literally feeding on their spirits. He is tyrannical, sadistic and crazed with power, and loves manipulating and exploiting those who work for him, sometimes even for pure amusement (such as when he made Rocky dance before him). He derives his power over his employees from the contracts they sign, and yet, he seems to overestimate his powers (such as when he tried in vain to control Gumball and Darwin, who were not bound by contracts). In reality, the severing of so much as one employee contract is enough to bring him down.


Mr. Chanax seems to be a supernatural being, as he exists possessing the body of his servant, Paperball. He can feed on the spirits of his employees and even control their physical actions. However, he can only control those who have signed his contracts to become his employees.

Episode Appearances

Season 3

  • "The Boss" (debut, first major role, death): He hires Rocky, stealing his soul. Later, Rocky, along with Gumball and Darwin, kill him.

Season 4

Season 6

  • "The Future" (flashback, crumpled into Paperball): He barks orders at Banana Barbara, giving her a burn-out which makes her destroy his desk.


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