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Moonchild Corneille
Character Information
Gender: Male ♂
Also known as: Mr. Corneille
Species: Pixelated frog
Friends: Ms. Markham (romantic partner)
Principal Brown
Mr. Small
Enemies: Joao
Relatives: Unnamed parents
Occupation: Teacher
Prisoner (formerly)
First Appearance: "The Others"
Voice: Simon Lipkin[1]

Mr. Moonchild Corneille is a minor character in The Amazing World of Gumball. He makes his first appearance in "The Others." He teaches geography at Elmore Junior High.

As revealed in "The Inquisition," he had done eight years of hard labor at Elmore Penitentiary prior to his schoolteacher career.


He is a lime green humanoid frog who wears a yellow dress shirt, khaki pants, and brown shoes. He has large pale yellow eyes protruding upward away from his head. Similarly to Carrie, he is covered by a filter that makes him resemble pixel art. Likewise, whenever he is captured in a photo or cameo, the filter is not present.


As shown in "The Cage," Mr. Corneille does not tend to favor exercising adequately, as he relaxes all the time in his class. This is reflected by his weak and unnaturally light body, coupled with "withered" muscles, as stated by Ms. Markham. This leads to him being extremely intimidated by the Russian fighter assigned to oppose him.

However, despite his poor physical quality, he still tends to relax in order to prepare for any challenge; however, he claims his inactivity is to mentally strengthen his strategic mindset, which, supposedly, overpowers the disadvantages of poor bodily strength. He is shown to be very passionate about battling against intimidating deeds, or alternatively, "fighting from the heart."

Overall, Corneille is a laid-back individual, who is rarely distressed. However, "The Inquisition" reveals that he did eight years hard labor prior to the series, implying a possible darker side to his personality.

Episode appearances

Season 4

Season 5

Season 6

Voice Actors

  • Simon Lipkin (US/UK)[1]
  • Carlos Seidl (Brazil, in "The Others")
  • Alessandro Bevilacqua (France, in "The Cage")


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  • His first name is revealed in "The Cage."
  • In his prototype design, his shirt was blue.
  • He is not pixelated in photos and videos, similar to how Carrie is not visible in photos and videos.
  • Mr. Corneille only weighs five pounds, as revealed in "The Cage."


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