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Molly Collins
Character Information
Gender: Female ♀
Species: Sauropod
Age: 12
Friends: Gumball,
Rob (formerly)
Enemies: Miss Simian,
Relatives: Mr. Collins (father),
Mrs. Collins (mother),
an unnamed grandmother,
an unnamed uncle
Occupation: Student, school cheerleader
First Appearance: "The Third"
Voice: Jessica McDonald
Color Scheme
coat blush eye other

Molly Collins is a recurring character in The Amazing World of Gumball. As shown in "The Void," the world thought she was a mistake because she is boring, therefore she got sent to the Void. Now free from the void and back in Elmore, she continues to be seen as boring, while gaining back some of her old friends.


Unlike Tina, she is not animated in CGI. She is a small, child version of a sauropod. Her body is dark grey and her arms usually rest in front of her body. She has a very long neck, and her head is always angled to show both her eyes. Her cheeks are shown to have pink blush lines.


Molly appears to be somewhat shy and insecure. She can be playful at times and also appears to have an upbeat and optimistic personality. However, it is revealed in "The Void" that she is regarded as "boring" by the rest of her classmates, resulting in the world declaring her a mistake and erasing her from existence, until she is rescued by Gumball, Darwin, and Mr. Small.

Molly's more socially awkward side is explored in "The Stories." In the episode, she talks about her mundane life to her friends in excruciating detail. Despite her classmates' obvious signs of disdain for her tales, Molly does not pick up on their social cues and continues to blabber on. It is later revealed that she is aware of her "boring and awkward" reputation, and has her own "special dark place" because no one talks to her due to her lack of interesting things to say. This prompts the Watterson brothers to take action and make her life a little bit more interesting.

"The Stories" also seems to suggest that she is quite socially inept. Not only can she not pick up on social cues, but she also seems to lack a sense of sarcasm.

Episode appearances

Season 1

Season 2

  • "The Flower": She barely can be seen in the class photo.
  • "The Words": She can be seen in the background of one of Tobias' photos.
  • "The Sidekick": She appears on a photo in the school yearbook.

Season 3

  • "The Joy": She briefly appears in the class photo that is visible in Miss Simian's office.
  • "The Void": Her first major role. Molly is among the world's mistakes who was erased and sucked into the Void, due to her being "boring," and this is revealed to be the reason for her year-long absence since Season 2. She is rescued from the Void, and brought back to the world by Gumball, Darwin and Mr. Small, although, they afterwards lose all memory of the Void, and the fate of the world's mistakes.
  • "The Safety": She is among the classmates who watch the safety video in horror.
  • "The Nobody": She can briefly be seen inside Janice during Rob's flashback.

Season 4

  • "The Gift": She is one of the students who are eavesdropping on Gumball, Darwin, and Masami.
  • "The Comic": She jumps on top of Gumball, squishes him, and gives him a kiss.
  • "The Hug": She appears walking in the hallway and talking with Leslie in the schoolyard.
  • "The Night": She appears in Juke's dream.
  • "The Disaster": She is seen when Rob rewinds back to the events of previous episodes.

Season 5

  • "The Stories": Her second major role. She bores her classmates with her life stories.
  • "The Vision": She is seen listening to Alan's speech in his manifesto. She is later seen walking down the hall during one of Gumball's attempts to murder Alan.
  • "The Code": She is in the school cafeteria.
  • "The Worst": She can be seen on the bus.
  • "The Petals": She is seen cheerleading to demonstrate the "cheerleader effect."
  • "The Puppets": She is on the bus when it crashes.

Season 6

Darwin's Yearbook

The Gumball Chronicles


I'm not boring, I do lots of cool stuff! I collect pencils. I got red ones, I got blue ones, I got yellow ones, I got...

—Molly in "The Void"

A special dark place. You know? It's where you go when no one wants to talk to you because you have nothing interesting to say, and you feel really boring and awkward. Don't you have one?

—Molly in "The Stories"

Voice actors


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  • Back in production for the show, Molly was originally going to be larger and wider.
  • Molly, Tina, and Mr. Rex are the only dinosaurs on the show.
    • Additionally, Molly is the only dinosaur not to be animated in CGI.
  • Despite being somewhat prominent in the show, she does not have a bio on any Cartoon Network sites, unlike some of the more minor characters that inexplicably have bios.
  • It was revealed on James Lamont's Formspring that Molly's last name is Collins.
  • Molly did not make any official appearance in season two. Although, she appeared for a split second in one of Tobias' photos in "The Words" and in "The Sidekick" on a photo in the school yearbook.
    • This is probably because she was sent to the Void around this time.
  • Her hobby is collecting pencils.
  • Sarah replaced Molly in season 2, and Molly did not reappear officially until "The Void."
  • She may have a crush on, or is at least close to Gumball, as she kisses him in "The Comic."
    • She does this again (this time with Darwin, too) in "The Stories."
  • Everyone in Elmore Junior High thought she was boring, so the world banished her to the Void because it deemed her a mistake. Everyone except Gumball, Darwin, and Mr. Small forgot about her.
    • This is proven in "The Stories" where her stories are proven to bore everyone around her, to the point that they would rather get hit by dodgeballs than hear her stories.
  • As stated in "The Stories," her special dark place is the toilet stall in the unused restroom where she goes when no one wants to talk to her.

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