aka Klonoa/Russ

School Principal School Council
  • I live in Britain
  • I was born on June 30
  • My occupation is Chronic Oversleeper
  • I am Demotivated in life

I am an Admin, but I do not understand coding, articles or show information and am mainly here to monitor user behaviour. I have always been on this Wiki for the social aspect, hence why I go to chat all the time so I'd appreciate it if you'd direct those kinds of enquiries to other Administrator's. 

In other words, I don't mind general conversation and I'm not overly serious about what I do. Though if you want, you can ask me to block a user.  Just be aware of the times I'm active.


Gone on Discord and gone on the Wiki  indefinetely  to get my life in order. The only way to contact me is through FaceBook and Twitter.

a new Elmore resident
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