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Yes I really Love Drawing So I have a Drawn a Tons of Gumball Drawings ^^ A lot!

Watch My TutorialEdit

Yes I have a Drawing Tutorial On Youtube How to Draw Rachel From The amazing world of gumball :3 Heres The Link Comment And Rate it Plz :) Fanart is my Middle Name!

Likes and DislikesEdit


Pizza: Taste great :P

Fanart: Cant enough of it!

The amazing world of Gumball: Maybe the Ultimate DK Gumball Fan

Internet Dances: Caramelldansen Caiprinha dance Paffendorf Love it!


OC Haters: I hate them >:(

Scandal Monger: They Totally ruin my Freakin Life!

Check my Youtube Channel OutEdit

Yeah I Have a Youtube Channel

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