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These are the relationships Masami has with characters in the series.



Though not always interacting, Masami and Gumball work together to help Alan in "The Storm." After she reveals that she intends to keep Alan for herself, she threatens Gumball by telling Penny about his supposed kiss with Carmen. In "The Voice," Gumball and Darwin apologize to her, although they only do this to prevent themselves from being harmed by an angry anonymous student (who soon turns out to be William). In "The Gift," Masami reveals to him and Darwin she would be happy being treated like a normal kid overlooking her dad's riches. They soon appreciate each other as friends for this.


Contrary to popular fan opinion, Masami actually does not like Darwin as a boyfriend. In "The Pressure," she was only pretending to like him to impress the other girls, who except Penny, lied about their boyfriends. Overall it can be assumed that Masami does not care for Darwin romantically and simply used him to gain popularity among the other girls. It is shown that after Darwin thought he kissed her despite accidentally kissing Gumball, he fell in love with her and calls her "sugar lumps." Throughout the series Darwin and Masami do not show any interaction. In "The Words," however, Darwin claims that people only like her for her money. This makes her flee, crying.


Penny and Masami hang out mostly in the cafeteria, or in cheerleading practice since they are both fellow cheerleaders. In "The Storm," though, Masami harms Penny in anger. Even after this, they are seen with the other girls.


Carmen and Masami can also be seen talking with or accompanying each other numerous times. One of these times were in "The Kiss." In "The Storm" though, she insults Carmen and tries to steal her love, Alan, from her. They appear to have made up after this as they are again seen with each other.


Leslie and Masami were both members of the Treehouse Girls in "The Pressure," but did not display any further interaction until "The Drama," where they are shown to still be friends, gossiping together and bonding over their love of drama.

Love interests


As revealed in the early reel, Masami has been shown to have an "unrequited" crush on Alan, which often causes tension between herself and Carmen. In "The Storm," she was willing to use any dirty trick to steal Alan away from Carmen. She tricked Gumball into getting Alan to date her, then blackmailed him when he found out he was lied to. When that failed, she attempted to take Alan by force, stopping only when she realized how cheesy his love lines are. At the end of the episode, she storms out disgustedly on him. It is unknown whether or not she continues to harbor feelings for him.

Unrequited admirers


Tobias has been known to flirt with Masami in some instances. In "The Tape," Tobias tries to smooth talk her only to be embarrassed when she does not react at all. In "The Move," Tobias flirts with her again. This time, Masami reacts negatively, hitting him on the head with a book.

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