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These are the relationships Miss Simian has with the other characters in the series.


Mr. Simian

Though clearly deceased (his skeleton is preserved at a museum), Miss Simian still argues with her dad in "The Apology." It is implied that even when he was still alive, they had some issues with each other, and that these persisted even after his death.


Nicole Watterson

In the episode "The Ape," it is confirmed that Miss Simian used to call Nicole a loser, thus causing Nicole and Miss Simian to show dislike towards each other. Nicole's dislike grows when Miss Simian uses her family to get her an award.

Gumball Watterson


Miss Simian keeps both eyes on Gumball and Darwin.

As one of the students in her class, Miss Simian is forced to teach him but generally has a love-hate relationship regarding him. On one hand she cannot stand his misbehaving and generally seems to point him out as the source of many problems in the class. However, in episodes such as "The Ape," "The Apology" and "The Grades," she does show some respect for him and at least does not mind having his assistance even if it is for her own self-advancement. In "The Joy" and "The Lie," she tries her best to make him and the other people suffer or become miserable.

Rocky Robinson

Miss Simian and Rocky are shown to have a bad relationship. This is first shown in "The Mystery," when she yells at him to go to her classroom. It is shown again in "The Sock" on Rocky's side, when he says he does not care about her relationship. It was shown more prominently in a scene from "The Ape," where he claims that nobody, including him, likes her, and that he likes everybody else.

Joan Markham


Miss Simian and the School Nurse.

Miss Simian and Joan have a hateful relationship, as seen in "The Joy." Miss Simian always argues with her and refuses to stop making tests on Gumball and Darwin. Also when the Joy Virus infected Principal Brown too, she pushes Joan at them, infecting her as well.



Just after Clayton storms out of the cafeteria after Gumball and Darwin tell him to leave them, Miss Simian demands to know who upset him. This may show that she does have some respect for some students, or that she simply wants to blame the Wattersons.

Richard Watterson

In "The Responsible," when Richard (not wearing any pants) and Nicole see Miss Simian, she rudely points out that Richard is not wearing any pants, which proves that she could hate him. However, Miss Simian is shown to do a belly rub on Richard and high-fived him near the end scene in "The Ape," which proves that she might like him. In the same episode, Richard showed great sympathy of Miss Simian leaving, however, the both of them presumably became enemies again when Miss Simian got injured, and Richard made mean jokes.

Mr. Small

The two are seen investigating something unpleasant that Darwin supposedly had done in "The Secret." In "The Boombox," Mr. Small reveals that he does not like Miss Simian like everyone when he celebrates after hearing about her alleged retirement. The two later console Principal Brown in "The Fraud."


Principal Brown


Miss Simian and Principal Brown kissing.

Principal Brown and Miss Simian are both mutually infatuated with each other. This is confirmed when they kiss each other, and have "romance time" in "The Burden." Their relationship is tested in "The Apology," where they are driven apart by Simian refusing to apologise for falsely accusing Gumball and Darwin of being troublemakers, and somewhat in "The Fraud," where Brown tries to blow up the school to protect his secret (that he is not really a qualified school principal). Though Principal Brown vowed to run the school properly after the events of the latter episode, he still seems to give most of his attention to Miss Simian rather than the school. In "The Singing," Miss Simian is annoyed when Brown humiliates them in public by singing her an odd love song, and destroys the restaurant they were spending time at.

"The Wish" is perhaps the most their relationship has been tested. In it, the two are seen on a 'date' at the edge of a cliff. Even after Brown admits that he had meant to drive them to the dump, Simian is unperturbed, simply happy to spend time with him. She asks him to say "three words" to her (intending him to say that he loves her), but Brown panics, and the moment is cut short when the car they are in backs off of the cliff. Brown is upset that he is unable to tell Miss Simian how he feels, and laments this to his fellow staff members. Mr. Corneille convinces him that he does not need to use many words, or to feel emotions. Brown follows this advice, but panics again and ends up saying nothing when Simian comes into the lounge, offending her. She thinks that he is refusing to talk to her, and decides to take a vacation to get some time off of the relationship.

When a false wish by Gumball and Darwin goes awry due to the boys believing, and convincing Brown, that they have turned Miss Simian into a neck pillow, despite it simply being something she had to remove from her bag in order to take a picture of Principal Brown. Brown is desparate to get Simian back, and the boys convince him that he needs to tell the neck pillow-Miss Simian that he loves her. While a series of unfortunate events repeatedly separate the pillow and Brown, each time he is determined to take it back, and succeeds, even racing a skilled racer to do so. When Simian is about to leave, she overhears Brown confessing to what he assumes to be her, she is deeply touched, and the two reconcile, riding off in their car together.

Their relationship takes a turn for the worse in "The Inquisition." The two break up due to Miss Simian wanting to suck up to the new 'superintendent.' They are never seen getting back together, although Simian presumably no longer wants to get with the superintendent after he is revealed to be Rob, who is a child. It is unclear what their current status as a couple is.

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