"You get an F minus -- in parenting!"

"Are you aware that your husband isn't wearing any pants?"

"Next! Oh, the Wattersons..."

"You're not trying to cheat, are you, Gumb-- huh? Mmm... Who are you?"

"Why don't you just sit there and look pretty...while the rest of us get on with class!"


"I have a surprise for you, children -- a surprise test! Hahahaha!"

Gumball: "How do you sleep at night, Miss Simian?"
Lucy Simian: "Like a baby!"

"A secret house party, eh? Hmm, I better tell Principal Brown."

"This party is busted! Busted WIDE OPEN!"

"We go along the path, avoiding the Forest of Doom..."

[Miss Simian kisses Principal Brown, and the door they're hiding behind of opens.] "Aaahh!"

"Another F- for you, peabrain! Hahahahahah!"


"No homework for the one who catches him!"

"Nice husband, loser!"

"Nice first steps, loser!"

"Hmm.. Nobody likes me."

Darwin: [Darwin gives a present to Miss Simian.]
Lucy Simian: [Miss Simian opens it.] "Aww. A hideous gadget that I'll never use!"

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