Lucy Simian


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Character Information
Gender: Female ♀
Also known as: 2-Faced Baboon (by Nicole only)
Species: Baboon
Age: Over 2 million years
Friends: Principal Brown (boyfriend), Mr. Small
Enemies: The Wattersons, Rocky, The Bananas, Joan
Relatives: An unnamed father
Occupation: Teacher
First Appearance: "The Responsible"
Voice: Lewis MacLeod (Season 1)
Hugo Harold-Harrison (Season 2 onwards)
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Color Scheme
skin cloth (Season 1) cloth (Season 2 onwards) hair
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Miss Lucy Simian is a supporting character, as well as a supporting antagonist in The Amazing World of Gumball. She teaches at Elmore Junior High and has been doing so since the Stone Age. Miss Simian despises Gumball, and will do anything she can to ruin his mischievous plans. Principal Brown has a maddening crush on her, and she gladly returns the feeling.


Miss Simian is a very old monkey. She has dark grey fur, a homely primate face, and wears a pale brownish-buff polka-dotted dress. Like most primates, her arms span the length of her body, though she walks solely on her two legs instead of using her arms to help. She is also rather skinny for a primate.

In her Season 2 redesign, her dress is pink with no dots and pink outlines, the wrinkles on her lips are gone, and her pelvis is not visible. Also, her face has now a color of pink on her nose, eye bags, and ears, as compared to Season 1, in which her face's colors are only black and white. She now has yellow eye white with greenish irises.


Miss Simian is very grumpy and does not seem to care about her students in the least, especially Gumball, who she hates with a passion. She is a vicious and sadistic woman, who takes great pleasure in giving out pop quizzes, and outright lying to her students so that she does not get in trouble. She is also known for bullying people much younger than her, as shown in "The Ape." Her nasty attitude is somewhat justified by the fact that she is been a teacher for many years (numbered in the thousands), a job that she apparently hates. She seems to make an exception for William, as she takes him in as her personal snitch.

In "The Apology," it is shown that when she becomes particularly enraged or frustrated, she reverts to a much more feral personality, and (like a real ape) will loudly screech, and go on a rampage of destruction. In "The Joy," she appears to get happier as long as her students are sad and enjoys proving herself right all the time.


Main article: Lucy Simian/Relationships

Episode Appearances

  • "Early reel": She appears in the school playground.

Season 1

  • "The Responsible": She appears at the parent evening.
  • "The Third": She instructs the students to play "trust ball."
  • "The End": She is seen teaching her class.
  • "The Dress": She is one of the people who fall for Gumball's disguise.
  • "The Painting": Gumball and Darwin draw on her portrait.
  • "The Mystery": She is first seen when she learns about Principal Brown being hurt.
  • "The Ghost": She is mentioned when Darwin puts some of her dandruff in his mixture of gross things.
  • "The Party": She parties at Tobias' house.
  • "The Picnic": She leads her class to a picnic trip.
  • "The Secret": She is seen in Darwin's flashback.
  • "The Sock": She accuses Gumball who she thinks is lying about his homework.
  • "The Genius": She appears in Gumball's mind.
  • "The Mustache": She teaches her class about the human body.
  • "The Club" (mentioned)
  • "The Ape": Her first major role. She is trying to get a teacher's recommendation from Gumball and Darwin, who were trying to help her with having fun in life.
  • "The Meddler" (mentioned)
  • "The Fight": Gumball begs her to send him to detention, but she quickly refuses.

Season 2

  • "The Banana": She is seen drinking her coffee when Gumball and Darwin dash by her, making her drop her cup.
  • "The Apology": Her second major role. She is trying to prove that Gumball and Darwin are bad children by doing some tests, until she decides to frame them, all of which is ruining her relationship with Nigel Brown.
  • "The Words": She is seen in her classroom.
  • "The Skull": She demands to know who upset Clayton in the cafeteria.
  • "The Bet": Bobert literally makes her chill.
  • "Christmas": She is seen carrying a turkey that is possessed by Carrie.
  • "The Flakers": She is seen mowing the lawn when Richard dashes past her, making her mow Nigel's hair.
  • "The Storm": She is seen in her classroom.
  • "The Lesson": She is seen with Principal Brown when Gumball cleans the principal's office.
  • "The Boombox": She talks to Principal Brown. Later, she appears when everyone celebrates when they think she is retiring.
  • "The Tape": She can be heard when Ocho cheats on his test.

Season 3

  • "The Joy": Her third major role. She is the only one who notices the joy virus and later tries to combat the virus with the supposed cure.
  • "The Fraud": She first appears when Principal Brown breaks into her office.
  • "The Move": Her name can be seen on the notice Banana Joe reads in the hallway.
  • "The Burden": She has "romance time" with Principal Brown.
  • "The Lie": Her fourth major role. She tries to make sure that the entirety of Elmore sees that Sluzzle Tag is a lie.
  • "The Butterfly": She teaches her class about the butterfly effect.
  • "The Saint": She, along with Principal Brown and the Librarian are yelling angrily at Alan.
  • "The Safety": She is seen on one of Darwin's security cameras.
  • "The Society": She is seen in the schoolyard.
  • "The Countdown": She threatens to expel Gumball and Darwin if they continue to arrive at school late. She is also frozen in time.
  • "The Triangle": She can be seen bumping into Coach near the beginning of the episode.

Season 4

Season 5

  • "The Stories" (mentioned)
  • "The Boredom": She is at the Elmore Mall.
  • "The Test": She is seen in her classroom.
  • "The Loophole": She is seen in her classroom and later at the mall.
  • "The Potato" (mentioned)
  • "The Grades": Her fourth major role. She gets Gumball kicked out of her class and later has to accept him back in.
  • "The Singing": Her fifth major role. She sings a verse for "I'm Singing."
  • "The Best": Gumball draws an elephant's back in the door that she is behind, making it look like she is inside an elephant's buttocks. She later makes Gumball clean the wall with a cotton swab.
  • "The Worst": She knocks a basketball out of Richard's hands.

Season 6

  • "The Cringe": Her voice can be heard as she teaches her students about waterfalls.
  • "The Anybody": She is counting down the clock while waiting for Gumball to get in class.
  • "The Pact": She is part of the pact Gumball and Principal Brown make. For his part of the pact, Gumball has to tell Miss Simian about how bad her breath smells.
  • "The Brain": She leaves the hospital with Principal Brown.
  • "The Intelligence": Her voice is heard.
  • "The Ghouls": She sings All Hail All Hallow's Eve!.
  • "The Wish": Her sixth major role. She believes her relationship is falling apart, so she tries to leave town.
  • "The Inquisition": She dumps Nigel for the superintendent.


Voice Actors

  • Lewis MacLeod (US/UK, Season 1)
  • Hugo Harold-Harrison (US/UK, Season 2 onwards)
  • Magda Giner (Latin America)
  • Ilka Pinheiro (Brazil, Seasons 1-2 and Season 5 onwards)
  • Selma Lopes (Brazil, Seasons 3-4)


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  • She is the oldest known character in the show that is not an astronomical body.
  • The word "simian" means "ape," or "monkey," which is accurate since Miss Simian is a baboon.
  • Miss Simian apparently never ages, as she has had the same appearance since Nicole was a child.
    • This is due to the fact she is over 2 million years old, and she taught during the Stone Age.
  • In "The Apology," it is revealed that her first name is Lucy.
    • This is a reference to Lucy, the first hominid to walk upright.
    • In the same episode, it also is revealed that she has taught for over 300,000 years, while in "The Pest," it is revealed she has been alive for over 2,000,000 years.
  • In Season 2, her accent appears to have slightly changed from a British-American accent to an American accent.
  • It is revealed in "The Fraud" that she lied about her age to become a teacher.
  • Her license plate says 66666, which is a reference to the Number of the Beast.

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