This is a List of Elmore Websites that have been seen throughout the series.

Elmore Stream-It

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Elmore Stream-It is a website that appears in "The Gi." It is based on video streaming websites such as YouTube. It contains many videos made by Elmore citizens. There is also an actual YouTube channel named Elmore Stream.

Elmore Plus

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Elmore Plus is a social networking website that many Elmore residents use. It first appears in "The Colossus."


Fesse Book is a website in Elmore that appears in "The Genius." Rob's Fesse Book page appeared in green and blue is seen when Gumball turned on the Internet. He seems to be friends with Carmen, Leslie, Alan, and Teri. A picture of Rob wearing a mustang mask in the desert is shown as well. It is based on Facebook. "Fesse" is French for buttock.

Being a Genius for Fools

Being a Genius for Fools is a minor website that appears in "The Genius." Pantsbully appears on the page above the enter icon.


Elfotomore is a photo website that appears in "The Genius." Rachel appears in a photo on the website. It is based on photo sharing websites such as Flickr.

Trendy Hair

Trendy Hair is a website in Elmore. A blue pyramid with blonde hair and rainbow colored glasses appears above the enter icon.

Lumberjack's Guide

Lumber Jack's Guide is a website in Elmore. A tree stump with a red cap appears as its mascot.

Computer Club

Computer Club is a website that appears in "The Genius." It appears to be a club that is from Elmore Junior High.

Elmore Daily News

Elmore Daily News is a news website. Sal Left Thumb's wanted flier has appeared here.


Gway is an online auctioning website that is based on eBay.

High Top

High Top is a shoe website. A high top shoe that is blue, yellow, violet and green and is on top of the enter icon. Gumball has a poster of this in his room.

Big Dude

Big Dude is a website in Elmore. The Big Dude is seen above the enter icon.


Elmorebnb is a website that appears in "The Ad" where it is shown to be used for advertising bed and breakfasts around Elmore; it is a parody of the app Airbnb.


Elmorebook is a website that appears on the official UK Gumball website. It is a parody of Facebook.

Elmore Search

Elmore Search is a search engine used by Teri in "The Virus" and Gumball in "The Boombox."


El'Mail is a webmail service used by Gumball in "The Virus" and Darwin in "The Sidekick."


Elmopedia is an online encyclopedia used by Gumball and Darwin to find advice on Anais' situation in "The Pest." It is based on Wikipedia, and is a portmanteau of "Elmore" and "Wikipedia."


ElmoreBuzz is a social news website that appears in "The Test." Gumball, Darwin and Sarah find a personality test here. In "The Sorcerer," Mrs. Jötunheim can be seen browsing it. It is a parody of clickbait websites such as BuzzFeed.


Ramblr is a website that appears in "The Best." Darwin describes it as "a bare-knuckle fight to see who is the most tolerant person on the Internet." It is a parody of Tumblr.

Elmore Maps

Elmore Maps, a spoof on Google Maps, is a website that enables users to go on virtual tours of the Earth and beyond. Gumball and Darwin use it in "The List" to take Nicole on a trip around the world.


Tweetr is a website that appears in "The Silence". Gumball and Darwin use it to roleplay, using accounts with the usernames @akane and @stevemcdichael, respectively.

Black Dark

Black Dark is a website about the band of the same name. It may have been made by Rocky.

Beast Skates

Rainbow Drops

Robot Sponge Walks On Moon

Robot Sponge Walks On Moon is a website.

School Musical



High Top


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