Characters who have been scrapped during production, listed in alphabetical order.


Image Name Gender Species Episode
An image of the character. If the image is large, please resize it down. The character's name. The character's gender. The species of the character. The episode the character originally would have appeared in.


Image Name Gender Species Episode
Acorn Kid Acorn Kid Unknown Acorn "The Saint"
Angel Female ♀ Angel N/A
Art Teacher Art Teacher Male ♂ Humanoid "The Others"
Bachelorette Bachelorette Female ♀ Orange "The Ghouls"
Big Hand Big-Hands Unknown Unknown N/A
Blue Dog Blue Dog Unknown Dog "The World"
Blue Fish1 Blue Fish Unknown Fish "The World"
Brown Fish Brown Fish Unknown Fish "The World"
Brown Puppy Brown Puppy Unknown Dog "The World"
Box Dog Box Dog Unknown Box Dog N/A
Butthead 2 Butthead Unknown Butthead N/A
Cardboard Woman Cardboard Person Female ♀ Cardboard N/A
Cardiac Monitor Cardiac Monitor Unknown Cardiac monitor "The Mystery"
CircleGuy Circle Guy Unknown Unknown N/A
Dinosaur Pants Dinosaur Unknown Theropod "The Saint"
Egghead Doctor Egghead Doctor Male ♂ Egg "The Saint"
Fragile Fragile Male ♂ Unknown "Early reel"
Mosaic Creature Mosaic Creature Unknown Mosaic Creature N/A
Mask Mask Unknown Mask N/A
Cool Mountain Person Unknown Mountain An early production image.
Muffled Reporter Muffled Reporter Male ♂ Costume "The Oracle"
No Signal Reporter "No-Signal" Reporter Male ♂ Humanoid "The Oracle"
ScrappedCharacter3 Pixel Unknown Sprite N/A
Poodle Kid Poodle Kid Female ♀ Poodle "The Saint"
Prof Professor Male ♂ Paper cut-out N/A
Purple Guy Purple Guy Male ♂ Humanoid "Early reel"
Robo Robo Unknown Unknown N/A
WeirdButtKid Seal Kid Male ♂ Seal "The Saint"
Snowman Snowman Male ♂ Snowman N/A
Bathroombaby Splatty Male ♂ Paint Splatter "Early reel"
Tinfoil Kid Tinfoil Kid Male ♂ Tinfoil N/A
Worm Leslie Worm Unknown Worm "The Saint"
Green Kid Yellow Kid Unknown Lemon ice cream "The Saint"
Young Teacher Young Teacher Unknown Duck "The Others"
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