Ah... the Wattersons. It's about time you showed up. I assume you have my money?

—Larry to Gumball in "The DVD"

It all goes back to the Summer of '83...

—Larry in "The Laziest"

I hope you don't mind if I make sure it's real. Last time I checked, it was a piece of cardboard.

—Larry to Gumball in "The DVD"

Larry: This had better be a joke.
Gumball: Aw, man. What gave it away?
Larry: Dude. It's five seconds long, and every name in the credits is one of you two.

—Larry to Gumball after watching the fake DVD they "returned"

That will be seven hundred dollars.

—Larry to Nicole

Hey! Hey! HEY!

—Larry chasing after Gumball, Darwin and Nicole

Ha! I knew you were trying to skip my messages.

—Larry's messages in the Wattersons' answering machine

Well, there is no way I can accept this. You need to give the real DVD, now!

—Larry to Gumball

Welcome to the gas station, where we never sleep...(suddenly afraid) because we're not allowed to...

—Larry in "The Spoon"

What do you want from me, you nut burger?!

—Larry to Richard in "The Refund"


—Larry to Gumball and Darwin in "The Laziest"

Richard Watterson, that guy is lazier than a rock!

—Larry in "The Laziest"

"Look, I'm sorry, but tearing apart the fabric of the universe is not a dismissible offence! Now please let me go!"

—Larry to Nicole in "The Job"

"Oh my gosh... HE'S GOT A SPOON! HE'S GOT A SPO-"

—Larry in "The Spoon"

Would you like to add a tip?

—Larry in "The Pizza"

Nicole: Do you mind if I write you a roadkill check?
Larry: Sure! We now also accept payment in uranium, antibiotics, and melee weapons.

—Larry to Nicole
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