Character Information
Gender: Inanimate (and thus genderless) but referred to as female by Mr. Small
Species: Motor vehicle
Friends: Mr. Small, Gumball, Darwin, Molly
Relatives: Mr. Small (owner)
Occupation: Vehicle
First Appearance: "The Void"

Janice is a vehicle in The Amazing World of Gumball. It made its first appearance in "The Void," where the world decided it was a "mistake," and banished it to the Void. Mr. Small, the owner, is very attached to the van, almost treating it as though it were an actual person, and referring to it as a she. Because of this, Gumball and Darwin think that Janice is a real person and that she left Mr. Small because he was weird.


Janice is a four-wheeled purple van with a pair of rear doors in the back. Janice is heavily decorated, with paintings or images of many things, including a rainbow, UFOs, a wolf's face, the Illuminati,the moon behind snowy mountains, the Stink Ape, a white horse, aliens, planets, stars, a howling wolf in front of a full moon, and the words "Believe" in different colors on the van's hood. In other words, Janice is the perfect picture of a hippie van.

Even though it is just a van, it seems to respond to the way Mr. Small, Darwin, and Gumball treat it. It does not respond to them violently hitting it, but when Darwin kisses it, it starts instantly, even flying through the air while leaving a trail of rainbow exhaust. Mr. Small states that Janice runs on sunflower oil and good vibes.

Since being saved from the Void, Janice has made subsequent appearances as Mr. Small's preferred form of transportation.

Episode Appearances

Season 3

Season 4

Season 6


  • Janice is based on the 1971–1976 Chevrolet ChevyVan.
  • The front license plate reads "ELMORE 3HC-10K6", while a rear license plate is not present.
  • The rainbow that is painted to the front of it resembles the logo of the show.
  • Janice's name might be a homage to musician Janis Joplin, who was known for her psychedelic hippie style.
  • It seems to have a lot conspiracy theories on it.
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