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Jamie Russo
Character Information
Gender: Female ♀
Species: Troglodyte cow
Age: 13
Friends: Tina,

Anton (sometimes), Anais, Hot Dog Guy

Enemies: Miss Simian,

Principal Brown, Mr. Small, Librarian, Tree librarian, Mr. Corneille, Ms. Markham, Penny, Gumball (ex-boyfriend), Darwin (ex-boyfriend), Richard, Alan, Rocky, Carrie, Masami, Molly, Anton (mostly), Idaho, Leslie, Teri, Banana Joe, Ocho, Clayton, Sarah, Tobias, Carmen, Bobert

Relatives: Coach Russo (mother),

Mr. Russo (father)

Occupation: Student
First Appearance: "The Third"
Voice: Jessica McDonald (seasons 1 and 2; in "The Uploads")

Maria Teresa Creasey (season 3 onwards)

Color Scheme
coat cloth eye horns

Jamie Russo[1] is a supporting character in The Amazing World of Gumball. She is Tina's sidekick for when she bullies Elmore Junior High students.


Jamie seems to be a hybrid of many different species of animals. She has the traits of an ox, which would be her horns, large teeth and hooves, a lion, which would be her tail and orange coloring, a frog, which would be her skin coloring, and various other animal species as well.

Jamie has bright orange hair with small, curved horns sticking out of the sides. Her hair covers most of her head, and partially covers her eyes. Her skin is a greenish-white and she has stocky arms and legs. Jamie also wears a mint green T-shirt that is barely visible and makes her appear almost topless, and dark green pants.

In season 2, her skin is now a darker green, making her shirt more visible, her voice slightly changes and is less feminine.

In season 3 onwards, her voice changes once again, and her eyes are now fully covered. Whenever she is shocked, surprised, or frozen in thought, her eyes are still shown.

In "The Uploads," her eyes are shown but covered in black.


Jamie is a tomboy and one of the bullies of Elmore Junior High. She is tough, crazy, sadistic, and mean-spirited, loving nothing more than to pick on some of the weaker children with her best friend, Tina, with no genuine remorse for her actions.

Jamie disregards her peers' feelings and does not understand or feel real love. In "The Girlfriend," she violently forces Darwin and later Gumball to date her, completely oblivious to their lack of interest in her. She seems to believe that she can force people to love her, despite the fact that she bullies them. When told that love does not work this way and that it must be earned from trust, she becomes very upset and violently attacks Darwin when he also tries to explain this because she already knows what love is.

Miss Simian held her back a year, forcing her to have brand new classmates who are younger than her. As such, Jamie despises her new classmates. Probably since Miss Simian held her back, she also shows an extreme dislike towards authority in general.

In "The Buddy," after Jamie and Anais are framed for a crime they did not commit, she shows a softer side when she befriends Anais. She and Anais also work together to solve the mystery to the computer viruses in the library and defeat the culprit, the tree librarian.

Jamie is also very unintelligent, which is shown through behaviors like using nonexistent variations of terms such as "intelligenter," "couth," and "dundant" or literally looking at the physical desktop when told to look at the computer desktop. In fact, when she thinks, she literally freezes until she finds an answer; another sign of her low level of intelligence.

Episode appearances

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

  • "The Coach": Her first major role. Her mother becomes the new coach of Elmore Junior High.
  • "The Joy": She gets infected by the Joy virus.
  • "The Recipe": She briefly appears on the school bus.
  • "The Name": Banana Joe talks to her on the bus. She can also be seen playing basketball with Tina.
  • "The Move": She appears at the end of the episode when Clayton drags her over near Tobias to get framed for knocking him out.
  • "The Bros": She appears in the school bus.
  • "The Mirror": She appears in the school bus.
  • "The Lie": She is on the bus.
  • "The Saint": She makes a cameo appearance in a picture.
  • "The Safety": She can be seen in the school gym with Coach on one of Darwin's cameras.
  • "The Spoiler": She is on the bus.
  • "The Money": She can be seen on the school bus.

Season 4

Season 5

  • "The Stories": She throws dodge balls at her classmates so they will not have to listen to Molly's stories anymore.
  • "The Vision": She appears in the schoolyard and later in the hallway.
  • "The Potato": She is seen in the cafeteria.
  • "The Matchmaker": She appears on the school bus.
  • "The Catfish": She appears in the cafeteria.

Season 6

Scrapped appearances


A coconut has milk, but it doesn't have nipples, which means it's not a mammal, it's a hairy milk carton from a tree.

—Jamie in "The Girlfriend"


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  • Because she does not have any knees, she either waddles or kicks her legs when she walks. For some reason, it makes a goose-stepping motion when she does.
  • She had her first major role in the season 3 episode, "The Coach." She also received a redesign in the very same episode.
    • She's the only character to have received a redesign in Season 3 whose redesign isn't influenced by the show's continuity.
  • Back in the early stages of production, Jamie's hair was brown, and her skin was a mint-green color.
  • In season 1, Jamie sounded similar to Rachel and Carrie. In season 2, Jamie's voice had a "tougher" sound to it. In season 3, her voice changed completely.
  • Jamie's season 3 design somewhat resembles Pokey/Porky Minch from Nintendo's Earthbound/Mother series.
  • In season 1, her personality was very energetic and extroverted, as seen in "The Robot" and "The Party."
  • She is the only student in Miss Simian's classroom that does not make an appearance in "The Inquisition."


  1. Her last name is revealed in "The Compilation."

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