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This article is about the student. You may be looking for the adult.

Hot Dog Guy
Character Information
Gender: Male ♂
Species: Hot dog
Friends: Gumball (at times),
the mushroom,
the green bear, the 8-bit dog
Enemies: Gumball (at times),
Darwin (in "The Extras")
Banana Joe (in "The Candidate")
Relatives: an unnamed mother, an unnamed father, two unnamed brothers
Occupation: Student
First Appearance: "The Third"
Voice: Dan Russell ("The Extras")
Alex Jordan (currently)
Color Scheme
Sausage Buns Sunglasses Mustard

Hot Dog Guy is a recurring character in The Amazing World of Gumball. He used to mostly appear in the Elmore Junior High cafeteria, along with the green bear, the 8-bit dog, and the mushroom, but later started appearing more often elsewhere.


He is a large anthropomorphic hot dog, with very thin arms and legs. He is always seen wearing a pair of dark sunglasses. As of "The Hug," he wears a wig resembling a tuft of mustard to hide the birth scar on his head. Prior to "The Extras," he did not have a mouth.


Hot Dog Guy is an ordinary enough person but does not deal well in awkward situations, to the point that he and Gumball have had to block out some of their awkward memories together. Hot Dog Guy is somewhat level-headed but not very willing to come out of his comfort zone, as seen in "The Cringe" when he refuses to shower naked with Gumball, wearing swimming trunks instead. Outside of his awkward interactions with Gumball, Hot Dog Guy appears to be sociable and friendly, often waving to people and having conversations with a large variety of students.

Episode appearances

Note that, prior to "The Hug," this character and his adult counterpart were completely identical. The only way of telling them apart was from the characteristics of this specific character (for example, being in places like the cafeteria or the library of the school).

Season 1

Season 2

  • "The Flower": He is in the cafeteria when Leslie and Penny talk.

Season 3

Season 4

  • "The Check": He votes for Gumball in the latter's imagination.
  • "The Hug": His second major role. Gumball accidentally hugs him, causing emotional tension between them.
  • "The Girlfriend": He runs away from the bus after it explodes.
  • "The Parasite": He is at school in the hallway.
  • "The Awkwardness": His third major role. He runs into Gumball again and tries to get away from him.
  • "The Scam": He is in the cafeteria when Coach gets possessed.

Season 5

Season 6


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  • In "The Spoiler," Hot Dog Guy can be seen choking on a hot dog after Gumball accidentally tosses one in his mouth.
    • In "The Hug," Hot Dog Guy is forced to eat hot dogs by Gumball.
  • In "The Hug," it is revealed that his name actually is Hot Dog Guy.
    • It could be noted that Hot Dog Guy does not know what Gumball's name is. He refers to him as the "anonymous, blue stranger" in "The Hug," and "him" during their first encounter in "The Awkwardness."
  • He looks very similar to "Porky"— indeed, the two were identical until "The Hug." He also resembles the physical appearance of Earl. It is unclear if the three are related but it is known that Hot Dog Guy has two brothers.

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