Harold Wilson

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Character Information
Gender: Male ♂
Species: Rainbow lad
Friends: Cowboy
Tattoo Artist
Enemies: The Wattersons (at times)
Jackie (in "The Cycle")
Relatives: Tobias (son), Rachel (daughter), Jackie Wilson (wife), an unnamed grandfather-in-law, Jazelle (ex-wife; in "The Cycle")
Occupation: Psychotherapist
First Appearance: "The Party"
Voice: Kerry Shale
Color Scheme
coat cloth eye moustache
Harold Wilson is a recurring character in The Amazing World of Gumball, and the father of Tobias and Rachel. He first appeared as a shadow in "The Party" arriving home with his wife.  


Harold resembles a humanoid version of his son. He has exactly the same color scheme as him as well; a blue, red, and orange gradient. He has a blue mustache, and wears a white collar with a pink tie. Unlike his son, his wife, and his daughter, he does not wear shoes, a headband, or wristbands.


Despite other episodes showing more passive interactions, "The Cycle" revealed that Harold takes pleasure in tormenting Richard and has been doing so since high school, though it is not explained why he acts in such a way. 

Like Tobias, Harold was portrayed in his youth as being a womanizer, attempting to pick up Nicole in "The Choices." Though he was already well-off according to Alan in "The Third," he leaves his wife for a younger, more attractive rainbow lass named Jazelle when he falsely believes he has become a billionaire in "The Cycle" (showing he values money and romantic conquest over the well-being of his wife). Otherwise, however, he claims that he is not allowed to be himself at home, as mentioned in "The Castle."

Harold's boss in "The Cycle" is a bandage person, suggesting he works in a medical profession (possibly as a psychologist, as he successfully poses as one to Richard in the same episode).

It is then confirmed in "The Silence" that his occupation is a psychotherapist, as Gumball and Darwin seek him for help.

Episode Appearances

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

  • "The Gripes": He is in the crowd donating to the Wattersons.
  • "The Law": He is in the park and Felicity almost runs him over.
  • "The Mothers": He is at the mall.
  • "The Shell": He watches the play. Later, he leaves his wife in danger to save himself.
  • "The Pizza": He tries to eat the Wattersons.
  • "The Lie": He sings Sluzzle Tag carols.
  • "The Butterfly": He is knocked over at the bus stop. Later, he is knocked over by Siciliana and knocks over Patrick.
  • "The Oracle": He is at the dad bench.
  • "The Safety": He is part of Darwin’s new police force.
  • "The Spoiler": He is in the cinema and chokes.
  • "The Countdown": He sneezes when time is stopped.
  • "The Nobody": He is on his lawnmower when Gumball and Darwin steal it.

Season 4

Season 5

Season 6



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  • In his first appearance, he was merely shown as a shadow, but "The Curse" revealed his true appearance.
  • His name was revealed in "The Castle."
  • He has a strange fascination with poking things and people, as seen in "The Castle."
  • In The Curse, he is seen buying Daisyland tickets. This further shows that his family is rich as was first shown in the episode "The Third."
  • In "The Cycle," he is seen to have bullied Richard since he was young and continues through adulthood.

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