The Watterson House

[Banana Joe and Idaho are dressed up for Halloween and ring the doorbell of the Wattersons]
Richard: Ding dong!
Banana Joe and Idaho: Trick or treat!
[The doorbell is actually part of Richard's disguise, as he is camouflaged to blend in with the front of the house]
Richard: [He opens his eyes, startling the two] Trick!
[Banana Joe and Idaho run away in fear as Richard bursts into laughter, leaving their treats behind]
Richard: What the? [Sadly] No! It's all raisins and granola bars!
[In the Watterson house, Gumball and Anais are seated on the couch; Gumball has a skeleton costume on, while Anais is dressed as a princess]
Gumball: Anais, it's supposed to be Halloween, not "Sugar-Coated Marshmallow Syrup Day".
Anais: Everyone knows cute beats scary when it comes to scoring candy. [Cutely] "Twick or tweat?"
Gumball: Eh, at least Darwin put in some effort.
Darwin: [Pale and shaking] Dude, this isn't a costume. I'm terrified of Halloween!
[Gumball, Darwin, and Anais leave the house]
Nicole: [Worried] And be careful, and be back at seven, okay? Gumball, you're in charge, right?
Gumball: Yeah yeah.
Nicole: [Assuring herself] They'll be fine. They'll be fine.

The Cemetery

[Gumball, Darwin, and Anais are walking through a cemetery]
Darwin: Taking a shortcut through a graveyard on Halloween is like wearing a kilt in a hurricane. It's just a bad idea.
Gumball: Relax, we're here.
[Darwin and Anais' jaws drop]
Anais: You know, there's a few places where I wouldn't recommend asking for free candy. Rat poison factories, abandoned hospitals, dimly lit cellars, but top of the list? Creepy graveyard houses.
[A view of the graveyard house is shown; lightning strikes; a wolf howling is heard]
Gumball: [Smugly] We're not here for trick or treating.
Darwin: [Terrified] Then why are we here?
[Carrie appears in the foreground with a flash, her eyes closed]
Carrie: Because on Halloween night, the dark veil that separates the world of the living and the underworld is lifted, and all the spirits come to this desolate house for one–
Gumball: Carrie, we're over here.
[Carrie sighs and reappears in front of them]
Carrie: 'Cause on Halloween night, blah-blah-blah, all the spirits come to this desolate house for one...reason...only–
Gumball: [Loudly] To party!
Darwin: How about we party right here, just the four of us? [He starts dancing] Woo hoo, party, party, party, party. Okay, party's over let's go home. [He turns to leave]
Gumball: Darwin! We've come too far to turn back. We're on the doorstep of the swaggiest party of all time. So come on! What do you say? You with me?
Darwin: [Takes a deep breath] No.
Gumball: Well, you have to because Mom put me in charge.
Darwin: [Angrily yells] Darn!
Anais: This party's gonna be awesome!
Carrie: I'm sorry, but this party isn't for babies disguised as cheesecakes.
Gumball: Yeah, she's right. You'd be cramping our style. [He picks up Anais and snags the back of her dress on a tree branch] You're just gonna have to hang out here.
Anais: [Sighs] Well, at least it can't get any worse.
[A bolt of lightning is followed by rain and thunder. Anais crosses her arms in frustration]

Haunted House

[Gumball, Darwin and Carrie enter the large gloomy house]
Carrie: [Whispers] Okay, if anyone asks, don't tell them you're alive.
Darwin: [Whispers] Tell who?
Carrie: [Whispers] You're going to have to make sure that you never let anyone know– [Her voice becomes inaudible]
Gumball: [Whispers] Uh, sorry, you were a little too quiet on the second part.
Carrie: [Whispers] Oh. Well what I said was you're going to have to make sure you never– [Her voice fades again]
Gumball: [Whispers angrily] Are you doing this on purpose? 'Cause it's kind of annoying.
Carrie: [Whispers] I said you're going to have to–
Darwin: [Shouting] Just tell us already! Why, are we whispering, in an empty house?!
Carrie: Oh just drink some of this potion and you'll see. [ A vial of green liquid appears; it hovers above Carrie's hand] It'll make you part ghost. But no more than a drop, understand?
[Gumball accepts the vial]
Darwin: What are you doing? You're too young to be drinking mysterious potions.
Gumball: Oh don't be a square. What's the worst that can happen? [He uncorks the vial, releasing a ghostly face which flies off-screen] Um, are you sure we're going to be okay?
Carrie: As long as you only have one drop.
Darwin: See, that's the thing. Anything you can only have one drop of can't be good. They don't sell milk by the drop, do they? They sell it by the GALLON! Look at water; that's good for you, which is why it comes out of the FAUCET!
[Gumball flings a drop of the potion into Darwin's mouth, causing his pupils to dilate unnaturally]
Darwin: Ohhh...
Gumball: [Skeptical] I think I might give this potion a miss.
Darwin: I'm not going through this alone!
[Darwin forces Gumball's mouth open, and pours in a drop of the potion; Gumball gasps, his pupils dilating as well; a multitude of ghosts appear]

Ghost Party!

Gumball and Darwin: Awesome!
Ghosts: Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! Oh!
[One of the ghosts is headbanging to the music and accidentally flings its brain into a punch bowl on the table; the drink splashes a comatose, apple-shaped ghost]
Ghost with a hoodie: Dude, I think you had a little too much fun.
Worm inside the apple: No, he's always like that.
[A muddy ghost bumps into a female ghost who is holding a cup, causing her to spill the drink on her shirt]
Female ghost: Hey, you got ectoplasm all over my top!
[It is shown that the female ghost has no body below her torso]
Muddy ghost: Well, it would have been hard to get it on your bottom.
[The male ghost laughs until the female's disembodied legs kick him from behind. Elsewhere, a pixelated ghost is knocking on a door]
Pixelated ghost: Yo, you done yet?
[The pixelated ghost looks into the room, making the occupant scream. The pixelated ghost is slapped. A headless ghost that has bubbles coming out of a hole on its neck is conversing with a female ghost sitting on its lap]
Female ghost: You've got such a way with words.
[Gumball and Darwin glare at Carrie]
Carrie: What?
Gumball: Well, how come we can see you everyday, but we have to take a potion to see them?
Carrie: Duh! Because I was born a ghost. Come on, let's go meet some people. [She floats away]
Darwin: How does that work?
Gumball: [Mimicking Carrie] Duh! ...I don't know, actually.
[They move to join the party and the doors close behind them. Outside, Anais is struggling to get off the branch]
Anais: I'm! so! going! to! get! into! that! partyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
[Anais' dress rips and she falls into a well beneath her; she screams for an extended period of time before finally landing in water]
Anais: Dag-nabbit!

Ghosts Now

[Several ghosts greet Carrie as she floats by]
Carrie: Hi, guys.
Gumball: [To a ghost he passes by] Hey. [To Carrie, as he points at the punch bowl] What's that stuff?
Carrie: Duh! It's ectoplasm. It's what ghosts are made of.
Gumball: [In a strange voice] I want some.
Carrie: Well, you can't.
Gumball: [Loudly] I want some ectoplasm!
Carrie: [Shushes him] You can't drink it!
Nearby ghost: Chill out dude, there's plenty to go around.
[Ghost leans over to hand a cup to Gumball]
Carrie: No! No, don't!
[The cup goes through Gumball's hand and vanishes into the floor. The music suddenly stops as the ghosts turn to stare at them]
Ghost: Mortals!
Gumball: Hey, d-don't worry man, I got the solution right here. [He takes the potion from Darwin]
Darwin: What are you doing? Carrie said no more than a drop!
Gumball: What's the problem? Too square?
[Gumball and Darwin take turns drinking from the vial]
Carrie: What are you doing?!
Gumball: Gimme that!
Carrie: Stop it al-
Darwin: Gimme! Gimme it!
Carrie: S-Stop! [She wrestles the potion away] Are you insane?!
[Gumball and Darwin begin laughing, but stop when they turn into ghosts; their bodies collapse on the ground]
Carrie: Look what you've done! You've completely turned into ghosts!
Darwin: Which means I can finally do this!
[Darwin kisses Carrie, who blushes, and the party starts back up]
Ghosts: OHHHHH!
Gumball: Dude! I can fly, I'm invisible! I feel awesome!
Darwin: You wanna go dancing?
Gumball: Dancing? We're ghosts, dude! We can do whatever we like!
Darwin: Let's get out of here and go NUTS!
[Gumball and Darwin fly out through the window and go to a gas station where Larry is asleep at the counter. They draw on his face until the Sheriff comes in]
Donut Cop: Hello Larry.
Larry: [Larry wakes up] What can I do for you? [He turns to the Sheriff, his face now matching the mugshot on a wanted poster behind him]
Donut Cop: [Holds up a taser] You can put your hands in the air!
[Gumball and Darwin go to the Robinsons' house and posses a moose head mounted to the wall]
Stuffed moose head: Hey, Margaret.
[It puckers its lips up and Mrs. Robinson drops the tray she was carrying, breaking the teacups. Mr. Robinson appears]
Gaylord Robinson: What is going on?
Stuffed moose head: Nothing.
[Mr. Robinson faints and Gumball and Darwin leave]
Tina: [To Idaho and Banana Joe] Trick or treat! That means give me your candy.
Gumball: [Gasps] You know what'd be fun? Being a T-Rex.
Darwin: You take left, I'll take right.
[They posses Tina, but have difficulty moving]
Gumball: Dude, it's way more complicated than it looks.
Darwin: Move the calves!
Gumball: Yeah well, bend the knees man!
Darwin: I am, I am!
[Tina begins to fall over]
Gumball: Put the hands out, put the hands out!
[Tina falls face first into the sidewalk]
Darwin: Come on, let's bail!
Gumball: W-W-Wait, I gotta do a roar before we go.
[Tina roars, and then Gumball and Darwin leave]
Banana Joe: Should we call a doctor, a vet, or a paleontologist?


[Back at the cemetery, Anais manages to climb out of the well. At the party, the headless ghost tries to touch the hand of the female ghost who was on his lap earlier, but she rejects him]
Female ghost: No! You broke my heart.
[The headless ghost removes the heart from his body and offers it to her]
Female ghost: Oh! You're so romantic! I wish I knew where to kiss you.
[A ghost with a basketball for a head is holding Gumball's body]
Basketball head ghost: Hey! I found myself a couple of meat bags!
Ghost: [Carrying Darwin's body] Fancy a dance?
Anais: [Approaching a boarded up window] Guys! I'm here, let me in.
[Anais sees Gumball and Darwin's bodies dancing and slapping each other]
Anais: What the? Okay...
[Anais goes into the house and sees the discarded vial on the ground]
Anais: Huh? What have you been drinking? [She has a taste of the potion, allowing her to see the party]
[Meanwhile, Gumball and Darwin are standing on a rooftop under a full moon]
Gumball: Dude, are you sure about this? 'Cause I don't think it's a good idea.
Darwin: Come at me bro! Gimme your best shot! I'm an immortal ghost, I'm not going to feel anything.
Gumball: Alright, you asked for it.
[Gumball punches him and he spins around before falling down]
Darwin: [Face down on the shingles, his speech is muffled] I forgot you were a ghost too.
[Carrie appears]
Carrie: There you are!
Gumball: No, we're over here!
[Carrie sighs and teleports to them]
Carrie: What are you thinking? It's nearly midnight!
Darwin: Pfft, so what?
Carrie: So if you don't get back to your bodies by the stroke of midnight, you'll remain ghosts forever.
[Gumball screams, and then a tolling bell is heard]
Gumball: Let me rephrase that. [He screams louder]
Ghost voice: All ghosts must return to the graves at midnight.
[The ghosts from the party are returning to the cemetery]
Darwin: We need to find our bodies!
Gumball: And Anais!
Carrie: Wait! That was the twelfth stroke...
[They look around and a hand comes out of the ground, grabbing Gumball's leg and making him scream]
Darwin: Does it hurt?!
Gumball: No, but it's really cold and wet and its fingernails are dirty!
[Anais is heard screaming in the distance]
Anais: Help!
[The haunted house begins to crumble, with eerie light emanating from the cracks]
Gumball: [Shouting] Anais! Don't worry sis, I'm coming! [Struggles for freedom] Carrie, cover your eyes!
Carrie: You do realize I can see through my hands, right?
Gumball: Oh whatever! [He takes off his pants, and the three of them run for the house] I'll get Anais, you find our bodies!
[More ghost hands rise from the ground and they dodge them, but Darwin trips over a grave marker]
Darwin: Help!
Carrie: I'll handle this. [She helps Darwin up]
Darwin: Thanks.
[More ghost hands rise from the ground]
Darwin: AHH!
Carrie: It's a little too early to thank me. Get ready to run.
Darwin: What are you doing?!
[Carrie allows some ghost hands to pull her down]
Darwin: Carrie!
Carrie: Don't worry, I belong to this world. They can't take me- [A ghost hand tugs her fringe] AH! Not the hair! [To Darwin] Just go!
[Darwin runs off, but a ghost hand stops him]
Ghost: All ghosts must return to their gr–
[Darwin blows a raspberry into the hand and gets away while it is wiping off the spit. Gumball throws open the doors to the house]
Anais: Over here!
Gumball: Anais!
[Gumball rushes to Anais, who is being pulled down into a hole in the floor]
Gumball: I'm so sorry! This is all my fault! I'm your big brother and I should have looked after you and I love you so much!
Darwin: Gumball! Our bodies! [He points to their bodies getting pulled into the hole]
Gumball: We've got no choice! We're gonna have to jump and get them back, okay?!
Darwin: Okay!
[They dive into the swirling green portal. Outside, Carrie is yelling into the hole as it collapses in on itself]
Carrie: [Distressed] Come on guys, you can do it! Come on! Come on!
[The hole gets smaller and closes up entirely]
Carrie: No! No-no-no! No! Noo! [She covers her eyes in grief]
[Carrie is left alone, until the ground starts trembling; Gumball, Darwin, and Anais are ejected from the hole that opens]
Ghost voice: No mortals allowed in the underworld.
[The hole closes, then reopens for a split second, spitting Gumball's pants back out]
Carrie, Gumball, Darwin, and Anais: [Relieved] Phew.
[Squealing tires are heard, and Nicole appears in Cartax. It crashes into a tombstone before stopping. Nicole gets out of the car, slamming the door hard enough to shatter its window]
Nicole: Words cannot describe how furious I am! It's gone midnight! What have you got to say for yourselves?!
Darwin: [In Anais' body] We went trick or treating and then we took a shortcut.
Gumball: [In Darwin's body] We went to a ghost party and it was supposed to be fun.
Anais: [In Gumball's body] I didn't know what the potion was gonna do when I drank it!
[Gumball, Darwin, Anais, and Carrie suddenly realize something is wrong]
Gumball: [In Darwin's body] What's–
Darwin: [In Anais' body] Going on–
Anais: [In Gumball's body] Here?
Nicole: What happened to you?
Gumball: [In Darwin's body] Mom, don't freak out. Carrie can put us all back in our correct bodies. Right Carrie?
Carrie: Um... [Carrie grins nervously, and then teleports away]
[The episode ends]
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