The Forest of Doom is a minor location in The Amazing World of Gumball. It is located in what appears to be a large park in Elmore. When viewed from far above the trees, it possesses an uncanny resemblance to a human skull.

It is also known to be very dark, even when it is sunny outside, possibly since the trees are so tall and thick that they block the sunlight. The forest is bigger than it looks from the outside, and is also easy to get lost in.

It is home to a variety of creepy plants and animals - there are trees with snarling faces, monstrous squirrels, horrific chicken-deer hybrids, and possibly a lot more that Gumball and Darwin were fortunate enough to avoid.

It was featured in "The Picnic," where Gumball and Darwin got lost inside of it after not following Miss Simian's directions on a field trip. It is also featured again in "The Bet," "The World," "The Shell," "The Question", "The Romantic" and "The BFFS."


Various creatures inhabit the Forest of Doom. While their size varies, most of The Creatures that live in the Forest of Doom seem to be quite monstrous or at the very least have sinister intentions.

Episode Appearances

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

  • "The Romantic": It is the last misguided location in the treasure hunt Gumball set up for Penny.

Season 6


  • Gumball and Darwin stumble upon a cliff in the forest, which is really odd, seeing how from the aerial view shown, no possible location for a cliff can be found.
  • Gumball and Penny's first real kiss was in this place. 


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