Fellowship of the Things is an online RPG based on The Amazing World of Gumball. It was released on May 19th, 2014.


Tobias invites Gumball to role-play with him at the fantasy club. While he and Darwin are out, something breaks into the house, and steals all of their electronics!

Granny Jojo, having been the one in charge of watching over the house, says she was napping, and thus did not get a good look at the thieves. Gumball and Darwin are forced to venture out and retrieve their stolen goods.

A clue left on the stand their TV used to sit on led them to the Elmore Cemetery. There, Carrie warns them of the hostile ghosts in the area that prey on all who still draw breath. Gumball and Darwin, undaunted, venture into the cemetery, and find a gang of ghosts watching Sheriff McGruff on their TV. After a brief scuffle, the boys come out victorious, and rush their stolen TV back to its rightful place.

Back at home, they discover another clue where their console used to be. Carrie then texts them to go to the Forest of Doom. They head there, but not before recruiting Anais as their "voodoo priestess." 

At the Forest of Doom, the trio fights their way through several vicious monsters. Carrie teleports around the map with them, giving hints as to where to go and what to do. Eventually, they find their stolen console being used by a group of ghosts as a panini maker. They again defeat the monsters, and return their console to its rightful place.

After setting down the console, the kids discover another clue, this one telling them to go back to the cemetery. They do so, and using the keys they found in the Forest of Doom, the boys unlock the gate leading to the Haunted House.

There, they discover another group of monsters using one of their stolen electronics - the computer. The kids defeat the monsters and rush home, placing the computer back in their bedroom.

The last thing that was stolen was the microwave. A clue tells them to head back to the Forest of Doom. Using the keys they had found at the Haunted House, and following Carrie's tip to "follow the mushrooms" through the maze, the kids gain access to the deepest part of the forest. There, they happen upon another trio of monsters, stuffing their faces with junk food and snacks from their microwave. The kids defeat the monsters once again, and retrieve the last item.

Before returning home, they think about who stole the electronics, and why. It did not take long to realize that Granny Jojo was the culprit. They rush home, and, sure enough, their grandmother was in the middle of a rampage throughout the house, destroying anything and everything that seemed the least bit dangerous. The kids angrily confront her, and after one more final battle, Granny Jojo calms down.

The adventure is not over yet, however - four things were still missing: the TV remote, the console's video game, the computer mouse, and the microwave dish. The items are scattered throughout the Forest of Doom and the Elmore Cemetery, locked away in treasure chests. Upon retrieving them, the kids congratulate themselves on a job well done.


The game is in the style of an RPG, where the player assumes control of Gumball, Darwin, and Anais as they go about Elmore collecting their stolen electronics. While exploring, monsters attack at random intervals - when this happens, the characters are warped to a battle screen, with Gumball, Darwin, and Anais on one side, and the enemies on the other.


While in the overworld, the player simply uses either the arrow keys or the mouse to move. The space bar is used to interact with objects (such as switches and treasure chests), as well as engaging in dialogue with non-player characters. The "Z" key is used to open up the inventory. The "C" key is used for opening up the journal, which lists the player's objectives.


While exploring, monsters may attack the party, bringing them to the battle screen. Battles in the game follow something similar to the Active Time Battle system of Final Fantasy games. In this system, the player gives orders to their characters in real time. In addition, attacks have both a charge-up time and a cooldown time, and enemies attack at time-based intervals. The player can choose to quit the battle, which they won't get rewards and won't level up after the battle.

The party consists of three characters: Gumball, Darwin, and Anais. Each character has three attacks: one basic attack, available from the beginning, and two specials, which are unlocked at levels 2 and 9.

Gumball's first special move.

Gumball is the main offensive unit. Both of his specials focus on offense. His first special hits all enemies for the damage of one basic attack; his second special hits one enemy for double the damage of a basic attack. He can equip a helmet to increase his damage output.

Darwin is the tank. His two specials focus on protecting his teammates. His first special protects a teammate from all single-target attacks for a short while; his second special protects all teammates from single target attacks for a short while. He can equip a shield to increase his defenses.

Anais is the healer. Both of her specials focus on healing her teammates. Her first special heals a single teammate for a certain amount of HP; her second special revives a teammate. She can equip a pointy hat to increase her healing power.

Upon winning a battle, experience points and gold are gained. Experience points are for gaining levels - after earning a certain amount, the party levels up and gets stronger. Gold is for purchasing items and equipment from vending machines.


Items in the game can be put into one of three categories: equipment, consumables, and quest items. Items are gained from vending machines, monster drops, and treasure chests. There is a limit to how many items can be carried. Once this limit is reached, the player cannot open chests or buy items, and items gained from defeating enemies are discarded.

Equipment are items that can be worn by characters to boost their stats/abilities. Each character has a single type of item that can be equipped. Gumball equips a helmet that boosts his damage output, Darwin wields a shield that decreases damage he receives, and Anais wears a pointy hat that increases the amount she can heal. Each item has a weak version and a strong version. The weak version only increases the trait by a little, while the strong version increases it by a lot.

Consumables are items that can be used once before disappearing. There are three kinds: the Wonderous Root, which heals a single character for a small amount of HP (or all characters if on the overworld), the Regenerating Potion, which heals all characters for a significant amount of HP, and the sneakers, which permanently reduce the cooldown time of abilities.

Quest items are items that are required for advancing the story. These include keys and electronics. Quest items, unlike regular items, cannot be dropped or discarded.






  • The title is an obvious homage to The Fellowship of the Ring.
  • This game is similar to the Gravity Falls game PinesQuest
  • The combat system is similar to that of Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross.
  • Some of the puzzles/obstacles may be references to the Zelda games. For example:
    • The statue puzzles, where the player has to place the statues on the correct spots.
    • The thorny vines that block paths, forcing the player to find a way to get rid of them.
    • Indeed, even the game The Tale of Zelmore makes an appearance as a bonus item.
  • This game uses character designs from seasons 1 and 2.


  • To easily defeat Granny Jojo, one should obtain the Regeneration Potion and the Super Speed Shoes (which reduces the charging time for the attack).
  • Delivering all of the letters to the tuna ghosts will allow the player to obtain the Regeneration Potion for free, saving gold.
  • Selling Wonderous Roots at vending machines clears space and yields money.


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