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Felicity Parham
Character Information
Gender: Female ♀
Species: Humanoid
Friends: The hexagon lady,
the tree librarian
Enemies: The Wattersons (sometimes), Drum kit guy
Relatives: Billy (son)
An unnamed husband
Occupation: Chanax Inc. employee
President of the Parents Association
First Appearance: "Christmas"
Voice: Sandra Searles Dickinson
Teresa Gallagher ("The Kids")
Color Scheme
coat cloth eye lips

Felicity Parham is a supporting character in The Amazing World of Gumball. She first appeared in "Christmas" at the hospital. She has a son named Billy and a husband, the latter of which was mentioned in "The Extras."


Felicity Parham is an orange humanoid with blue lips. Her figure is a simple shape, consisting of an abnormally large head, noodle-like arms, normal legs, and a spoon-like body. She wears no clothes and is seen walking around Elmore with her son, Billy.


She is extremely snobbish and tends to discourage others who try to impress her with her own opinions with no remorse, due to her believing to be superior and more sophisticated than others, causing her rivalry with Nicole. She is also obstinate and easily annoyed, as shown in "The Egg."

She is overprotective and overbearing, as stated once from Nicole to her child, Billy. When an outside article (ex. video games, Anais, etc.) that is unexposed to Billy is shown, she believes that it will influence him negatively, and tries to separate Billy from it. According to her son in "The Blame," Felicity believes that videogames, rock music, having long hair, and vaccinations are unhealthy and encourage a bad attitude. She expects Billy to behave. 

Episode appearances

Season 2

  • "Christmas": She is at the hospital when Richard tries to do his good deeds to get back on the nice list.
  • "The Bumpkin": She can be seen at a desk when the Wattersons drive their car into the Fitzgeralds' pool.
  • "The Authority": She is seen walking with Billy after Gumball crosses the street.
  • "The Hero": She is seen in a flashback watching Richard's dance in the street.
  • "The Sidekick": She makes a cameo driving a police car.
  • "The Tag": She is seen briefly driving her car when the trash can constantly gets ran over.
  • "The Limit": She is seen in the supermarket with Billy.

Season 3

  • "The Kids": She is seen across the street from Gumball and Darwin with Billy.
  • "The Name": She is in the shopping line at Food 'n' Stuff.
  • "The Extras": Her first major role. She is driving in a car with her son Billy. After being easily annoyed, she intentionally crashes her car into her house. Shortly after, she walks out of the debris, and hits her forehead with a spade, "taking a nap." She later appears at the park with Billy screaming at the kissing pizzas.
  • "The Gripes": She unknowingly buckles her groceries in her car, then tosses Billy into the trunk, while stating she always knew Richard was a "bad parent."
  • "The Law": She flips out after Gumball tries to jaywalk the second time, causing her to hijack Larry's ice cream truck, and drive it through the park.
  • "The Mothers": She is in her car at the mall parking lot with Billy.
  • "The Shell": She is in the audience watching the school play.
  • "The Burden": She is seen with her son in the park, while Darwin talks to "Chris Morris."
  • "The Pizza": She steals parts from the Wattersons' vehicle.
  • "The Lie": She sings Sluzzle Tag carols with other citizens at the mall.
  • "The Butterfly": She can be seen in the Elmore Wings plane, and, later, she is among the citizens fighting for a $20.00 bill.
  • "The Oracle": She is one of the many people at the mall who wants to be the 1,000,000th customer.
  • "The Spoiler": She can be seen in the cinema, watching The Screamening.
  • "The Countdown": She can be seen with Billy, when Gumball attempts parkour.
  • "The Egg": Her second major role. She and Billy are invited over to the Watterson home for dinner by Nicole.

Season 4

Season 5

Season 6


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  • She seems to have a psychotic side as well, as seen in "The Law." This is also hinted in "The Extras," when she crashes her car into her house (with her son in it), and knocks herself out with a spade shortly afterwards.
  • Her name was revealed in "The Egg."
  • Her son Billy speaks in a British accent, although she does not.
  • She wears blue high-heels in "Christmas," "The Shell," and "The List." She also wears shoes in a picture frame in "The Love," but in the rest of her appearances, she is barefoot.
  • Her husband has yet to appear in the series, but he was first mentioned in "The Extras."
  • Interestingly, in "The Slide," she is shown to have an account on "Trawlr," the in-universe parody of the dating services app Tinder. This might mean that she and her husband have separated and/or spend little time with each other.

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