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Ethel and Bernie Klein
Character Information
Gender: Female ♀ and Male ♂
Species: Goats
Friends: The Wattersons (formerly)
First Appearance: "The Ad"
Voice: Liza Ross (Ethel)[1]
Garrick Hagon (Bernie)[1]

Ethel and Bernie Klein are single-appearance characters in The Amazing World of Gumball. They are elderly goat siblings from Glory, Minnesota who have "toured" around Elmore. They first appear in "The Ad."


Ethel and Bernie are both elderly goats with pale cream skin. Bernie wears a dark blue fishing hat, a brown shirt and crumpled beige shorts, and Ethel wears a beige shirt and green trousers. Both wear large black-rimmed glasses, gray shoes, and backpacks. Bernie's horns are slanted, while Ethel's curve back.


Ethel and Bernie are cheerful and polite. They struggle due to an issue involving them fainting when they are shocked.

It is possible that Bernie is a con man of sorts, as he supposedly sold the dolphin man a defective car.

Episode appearances

Season 6

  • "The Ad": Their debut and first major role. The Wattersons rent out their house to them, but accidentally knock them out and thus have to fake their holiday. They are fooled by this until they find a photo of them in a romantic situation, wherupon they reveal they are actually brother and sister and figure out what really happened.



  • Ethel and Bernie are animated in the style of the anime Crayon Shin-Chan.
  • Their surname is likely a reference to former storyboard supervisor Chuck Klein.
  • They are based on a real type of goat called fainting goats that faint and fall over whenever they are startled.


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