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Season Six
Episodes: 44
Network: Cartoon Network
US airdate
January 5, 2018

June 24, 2019
UK airdate
May 1, 2018

September 13, 2019
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On January 5th, 2018 in the United States, The Amazing World of Gumball premiered its one hundred and ninety-seventh and one hundred and ninety-eighth episodes, "The Rival" and "The Lady," which marked the start of the sixth and final season of the show. In total, the season consisted of forty-four episodes averaging at ten minutes in length.

On October 2nd 2018, it was confirmed at CN United Kingdom's 25th Birthday event that this is the final season of the show. The season (along with the series) ended on June 24th, 2019, with the episode "The Inquisition."


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Title card Episode number Title Original airdate Prod. code
1 (197) "The Rival"
gallery | transcript
US: January 5, 2018
UK: May 4, 2018
When Anais is a newborn baby, Gumball and Darwin become jealous of their new sibling, and spark a baby war.
Main: Gumball, Darwin, Anais Debut: Flight attendant & more...
2 (198) "The Lady"
gallery | transcript
US: January 5, 2018
UK: May 1, 2018
Gumball and Darwin find out that Dad has been dressing as a woman to make friends.
Featured song(s): Season After Season
Main: Gumball, Darwin, Richard & more... Debut: Maria & more...
3 (199) "The Sucker"
gallery | transcript
US: January 12, 2018
UK: May 2, 2018
Darwin ends up in detention with Julius, who decides to make Darwin his new target. However, it backfires when Darwin ruins his life.
Featured song(s): With a Friend
Main: Darwin, Julius Debut: Julius Oppenheimer Sr. & more...
4 (200) "The Vegging"
gallery | transcript
US: January 15, 2018
UK: May 28, 2018
Gumball and Darwin want to veg out all day, but their plans go awry and they have to save the rest of the family.
Main: Gumball, Darwin Debut: Specter & more...
5 (201) "The One"
gallery | transcript
US: January 19, 2018
UK: May 7, 2018
Tobias tries to be Gumball's best friend.
Featured song(s): A Friend, There Can Only Be One
Main: Gumball, Darwin, Tobias Debut: Gumball's humor/anxiety & more...
The Father (1).png
6 (202) "The Father"
gallery | transcript
US: January 26, 2018
UK: May 8, 2018
The kids try to help Richard bond with Frankie.
Featured song(s): The Vermin Man, Dad Rock
Main: Richard, Frankie & more... Debut: Pear woman
The Cringe (1).png
7 (203) "The Cringe"
gallery | transcript
US: February 2, 2018
UK: May 10, 2018
Gumball and Hot Dog Guy discover why they're so awkward with each other.
Main: Gumball, Hot Dog Guy Debut: Hot Dog Guy's mother & more...
8 (204) "The Cage"
gallery | transcript
US: February 9, 2018
UK: May 3, 2018
The kids convince Mr. Corneille to become a cage fighter and set up a fight against a fearsome Russian fighter.
Featured song(s): Take a Rest, Sit Down
Main: Gumball, Darwin, Mr. Corneille & more... Debut: Joao & more...
The Neighbor.png
9 (205) "The Neighbor"
gallery | transcript
US: April 13, 2018
UK: May 29, 2018
Gumball and Darwin try to find out the name of their neighbor, Antlers Guy, but accidentally blow his witness protection cover.
Main: Gumball, Darwin, Gary Debut: Russian agents
The Anybody.png
10 (206) "The Anybody"
gallery | transcript
US: March 9, 2018
UK: September 3, 2018
When Clayton shapeshifts into Gumball to take his detention, he starts framing others for misdemeanors so Gumball and Darwin must track Clayton down to stop him.
Featured song(s): Take a Rest, Sit Down
Main: Gumball, Darwin, Clayton Debut: Rooster
The Faith (47).png
11 (207) "The Faith"
gallery | transcript
US: February 23, 2018
UK: May 30, 2018
Alan has lost faith in humanity and turns the world black and white. Gumball must get over his hatred of Alan to bring the color back by singing.
Featured song(s): Life Is Beautiful
Main: Gumball, Darwin, Alan Debut: none
The Candidate (1).png
12 (208) "The Candidate"
gallery | transcript
US: March 2, 2018
UK: May 31, 2018
A group of kids get locked in the school after their parents have a charity gala. They appoint Gumball as leader to get them out but it leads to chaos.
Featured song(s): Dad Rock, 32 Donkeys Playing on a Sled
Main: Gumball, Anais & more... Debut: Television
The pact title.png
13 (209) "The Pact"
gallery | transcript
US: April 9, 2018
UK: May 9, 2018
Gumball and Principal Brown make a pact to tell each other what problems their girlfriends have.
Featured song(s): Without You
Main: Gumball, Principal Brown & more... Debut: none
14 (210) "The Shippening"
gallery | transcript
US: April 20, 2018
UK: September 4, 2018
Sarah finds a notebook from the Awesome Store which magically makes what she draws happen. Unfortunately, she draws bizarre love stories throughout Elmore.
Main: Gumball, Darwin, Sarah & more... Debut: Demon doll & more...
15 (211) "The Brain"
gallery | transcript
US: June 18, 2018
UK: September 5, 2018
The Wattersons have to stop doing stupid things in order to prevent Anais from falling into a coma from facepalming too much.
Featured song(s): Doctor Rap, Dill Pickle Rap
Main: Watterson family Debut: none
16 (212) "The Parents"
gallery | transcript
US: June 18, 2018
UK: September 10, 2018
Nicole reconciles with her parents.
Featured song(s): If It's Too Hard To Forgive
Main: Nicole, Daniel, Mary Debut: none
17 (213) "The Founder"
gallery | transcript
US: June 18, 2018
UK: September 11, 2018
Richard creates chaos in the Chanax building when he is mistaken for the long lost CEO. Nicole and a disgruntled employee must save everyone from Richard's dangerous ideas.
Featured song(s): He's Back
Main: Richard, Goblin & more... Debut: none
18 (214) "The Schooling"
gallery | transcript
US: June 18, 2018
UK: September 12, 2018
Gumball and Darwin take on Larry's jobs for 5 minutes and realize how bad it is.
Featured song(s): Make Me a Cake
Main: Gumball, Darwin & more... Debut: Gray woman & more...
19 (215) "The Intelligence"
gallery | transcript
US: June 18, 2018
UK: September 13, 2018
Technology reaches human intelligence then becomes dysfunctional as it picks up human flaws.
Featured song(s): Puppies, Summer Lullaby
Main: Gumball, Darwin, The Internet & more... Debut: none
20 (216) "The Potion"
gallery | transcript
US: July 16, 2018
UK: September 14, 2018
Gumball and Darwin use a magic potion to shrink Hector.
Main: Gumball, Darwin, Hector, Mrs. Jötunheim Debut: none
21 (217) "The Spinoffs"
gallery | transcript
US: July 16, 2018
UK: May 1, 2019
Rob creates a variety of spinoff Elmore shows and formats to replace Gumball.
Main: Rob, The Internet & more... Debut: Peter Pepperoni & more...
22 (218) "The Transformation"
gallery | transcript
US: July 16, 2018
UK: May 2, 2019
Gumball is asked to settle a dispute between Penny and her family.
Main: Gumball, The Fitzgeralds Debut: none
23 (219) "The Understanding"
gallery | transcript
US: July 16, 2018
UK: May 7, 2019
Gumball and Darwin get into trouble misunderstanding a new kid in school.
Main: Gumball, Darwin, Peter Debut: none
24 (220) "The Ad"
gallery | transcript
US: July 16, 2018
UK: May 3, 2019
The Wattersons are forced to rent their house to a pair of elderly fainting goats.
Featured song(s): I Still Look Forward To
Main: Watterson family, Ethel, Bernie & more... Debut: Ethel and Bernie
Ghouls Titlecard.png
25 (221) "The Ghouls"
gallery | transcript
US: October 19, 2018
UK: September 13, 2019
Halloween isn't what it used to be. Can Gumball and Darwin help the ghouls get their scare back?
Featured song(s): All Hail All Hallow's Eve!
Main: Gumball, Darwin, Carrie, Ghouls Debut: Ghouls
TheStink Titlecard.png
26 (222) "The Stink"
gallery | transcript
US: November 5, 2018
UK: September 6, 2018
Mr. Small goes feral after Gumball and Darwin expose his hypocrisy.
Main: Gumball, Darwin, Mr. Small & more... Debut: none
27 (223) "The Awareness"
gallery | transcript
US: November 6, 2018
UK: September 7, 2018
Gumball decides to engross himself in plant culture to appease Leslie after making an offensive comment.
Main: Gumball, Leslie & more... Debut: none
The slip title.png
28 (224) "The Slip"
gallery | transcript
US: November 7, 2018
UK: May 6, 2019
Richard misses a package and is forced into an escalating feud with the delivery guy.
Main: Richard, Gumball, Darwin, and Mr. Gruber Debut: Mr. Gruber & more...
29 (225) "The Drama"
gallery | transcript
US: November 8, 2018
UK: March 15, 2019
Gumball tries to protect Darwin from his unsuitable undead girlfriend Carrie.
Main: Gumball, Darwin, Carrie Debut: Azrael & more...
The buddy title.png
30 (226) "The Buddy"
gallery | transcript
US: November 9, 2018
Anais and Jamie form an unlikely partnership when they're accused of a crime they didn't commit.
Main: Anais, and Jamie Debut: none
31 (227) "The Possession"
gallery | transcript
US: April 15, 2019
UK: September 4, 2019
Richard seems supernaturally attached to his old refrigerator.
Main: Watterson family, and Granny Jojo Debut: Recycling center guru & more...
Master Titlecard.png
32 (228) "The Master"
gallery | transcript
US: April 22, 2019
The Wattersons play a fantasy role-playing board game to resolve their differences.
Featured song(s): Without You (instrumental), and I'm Ready for Love
Main: The Wattersons Debut: Giant & more...
Silence Titlecard.png
33 (229) "The Silence"
gallery | transcript
US: April 29, 2019
UK: May 28, 2019
Gumball and Darwin finally run out of things to say to each other.
Featured song(s): Out of Sync
Main: Gumball, and Darwin Debut: none
Future Titlecard.png
34 (230) "The Future"
gallery | transcript
US: May 6, 2019
UK: May 29, 2019
Banana Barbara can predict the future, but she can't predict her own disappearance.
Main: Gumball, Darwin, Banana Joe, Banana Barbara & more... Debut: none
35 (231) "The Wish"
gallery | transcript
US: May 13, 2019
UK: May 30, 2019
Gumball and Darwin believe they've turned Miss Simian into a neck-cushion.
Main: Gumball, Darwin, Principal Brown, and Miss Simian Debut: Actress & more...
Factory Titlecard.png
36 (232) "The Factory"
gallery | transcript
US: May 20, 2019
UK: May 31, 2019
Gumball and Darwin save the day at the Rainbow Factory.
Featured song(s): Red, Orange, Yellow
Main: Gumball, Darwin, Nicole, and the Rainbow Factory shareholders Debut: The Rainbow Factory Shareholders & more...
37 (233) "The Agent"
gallery | transcript
US: May 27, 2019
UK: September 9, 2019
On a top secret school assignment Gumball acts like a certain suave British secret agent.
Main: Gumball, Darwin, Bobert, and William Debut: Green woman & more...
The Web.jpg
38 (234) "The Web"
gallery | transcript
US: June 3, 2019
UK: September 11, 2019
Gumball and Darwin realize that the adult residents of Elmore are dangerously naive when it comes to being safe online, and in fact are in serious need of the boys' help with even the simplest of tasks.
Featured song(s): Hashtag Trending
Main: Gumball, Darwin and Nicole Debut: IT man
The Mess.jpg
39 (235) "The Mess"
gallery | transcript
US: June 10, 2019
UK: September 3, 2019
Gumball and Darwin baby-sit, then baby-lose, Penny's little sister.
Featured song(s): Jingle Dance, and One-Seven
Main: Gumball and Darwin, Polly, and Penny Debut: none
TheEart Titlecard.png
40 (236) "The Heart"
gallery | transcript
US: June 10, 2019
UK: September 5, 2019
Mr. Robinson tries, and repeatedly fails, to win back Gumball and Darwin's friendship.
Featured song(s): Never Beat The Feeling
Main: Gumball, Darwin, and Mr. Robinson Debut: none
41 (237) "The Revolt"
gallery | transcript
US: June 17, 2019
UK: September 2, 2019
Darwin feels bad for the household objects in Elmore and encourages them to rise up.
Featured song(s): The Objects of Elmore
Main: Darwin, Gumball and the Objects Debut: none
The Decisions.jpg
42 (238) "The Decisions"
gallery | transcript
US: June 17, 2019
UK: September 10, 2019
When everything goes wrong in Darwin's life, he begins to suspect that Gumball's bad influence might be to blame; Darwin decides to go elsewhere for guidance and finds a new mentor in Alan.
Main: Gumball, Darwin and Alan Debut: none
The BFFS.jpg
43 (239) "The BFFs"
gallery | transcript
US: June 24, 2019
UK: September 6, 2019
When Gumball's old BFF Fuzzy turns up on his doorstep, Darwin struggles to accept that there was someone before him and fails to contain his jealousy.
Main: Gumball, Darwin and Fuzzy Debut: Fuzzy & more...
The Inquisition.jpg
44 (240) "The Inquisition"
gallery | transcript
US: June 24, 2019
UK: September 12, 2019
The students of Elmore Junior High find their world turned upside down when the mysterious school superintendent comes to stamp out their cartoonish ways.
Featured song(s): Banana Symphony
Main: Gumball, Darwin and Rob Debut: none


  • In "The Vegging," the game show that Gumball and Darwin are watching has "T _ _  S H _ W  _ N D S  A _ T _ _  S _ _ S _ N  _" written on its panels, spelling out "THE SHOW ENDS AFTER SEASON _," presumably "6."

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