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Elmore Stream-It is a website that first appears in "The Gi." It is Elmore's specific parody YouTube. One video shows Gumball and Darwin practicing Tae-Kwon-Do. Other videos made by real-life actors have also appeared on Elmore Stream-It. The video from "The Secret," "Hip Flop," also appeared on Elmore Stream-It.

The show's official YouTube channel was ElmoreStream, and featured the same logo. The channel had uploaded eighteen out-of-show videos. On April 23, 2012, no videos were specifically made for the channel.

On September 24, 2013, the channel uploaded clips that had previously been uploaded to the official Facebook page.

In late 2016, the channel's username was changed to "The Amazing World of Gumball." The channel uploads clips from The Amazing World of Gumball episodes as of now.


The following videos appear in the show.

  • TAE-KWON DORKS — some kids at school
  • Hip Flop — some kids at school
  • Skateboard failure — Darwin
  • Whistle Bros — Anais
  • puppy suddenly falls asleep - kittenloverz523
  • crying...FOREVER!!! — Unknown
  • Ninja George 2 — Gumball
  • The Anai-Hilator — Gumball
  • Game review — Richard
  • Gorrila vs. Killer Whale — Unknown
  • TOBIAS X-treme Pranking — Tobias
  • TOBIAS REMIX — Tobias
  • fall couch funny — Chi Chi
  • NO COME BACK - Chi Chi
  • GOING AWAY NOT !!! - Chi Chi
  • Epic Fail - Hector
  • The Small Hours - Mr. Small

Episode Appearances

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Known users


  • Gumball's username is "Gumball12557," while Tobias's username is "Tobias1337," and Banana Joe's username is "BananaJoe6487." It is possible that either Darwin or Anais have the username "Hadrianours59." Gumball and Darwin's new username is "Gumball&Darwin." Chi Chi goes under the simple alias of "CHICHI."
  • According to "The Gi" and "The Secret," the in-universe "TAE-KWON DORKS" and "Hip Flop" videos were uploaded by a user named "SomeKidsAtSchool."
  • In an interview, Ben Bocquelet mentioned that there were going to be at least 20 clips.
    • However, "Sock on a Stick" was originally going to be seven separate videos, and other clips did not meet quality standards.
  • Elmore Stream-It's YouTube videos were only made available in the UK. This excludes the "Exhaling Contest" video.
  • Two of the videos were shown in actual episodes, with "No Glasses 3D!" being shown in "The Tape," and "Rise of the Bacteria" being shown in "The World."


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