Elmore Junior High is a major location in The Amazing World of Gumball. It is first shown in the episode, "The Responsible." It is the city of Elmore's local public junior high school. Gumball, Anais, and Darwin all attend this school.

Elmore Junior High even has its own cheerleading squad and marching band.

Episode appearances

Season 1

  1. "The Responsible" (debut)
  2. "The Third"
  3. "The Debt"
  4. "The End"
  5. "The Dress"
  6. "The Quest"
  7. "The Pressure"
  8. "The Painting"
  9. "The Ghost"
  10. "The Mystery"
  11. "The Gi"
  12. "The Kiss"
  13. "The Party"
  14. "The Robot"
  15. "The Secret"
  16. "The Sock"
  17. "The Genius"
  18. "The Mustache"
  19. "The Date" (flashback)
  20. "The Club"
  21. "The Wand" (flashback)
  22. "The Ape"
  23. "The Curse"
  24. "The Meddler"
  25. "The Helmet"
  26. "The Fight"

Season 2

  1. "The Colossus"
  2. "The Knights"
  3. "The Fridge"
  4. "The Flower"
  5. "The Banana"
  6. "The Phone"
  7. "The Apology"
  8. "The Words"
  9. "The Skull"
  10. "The Bet"
  11. "The Bumpkin"
  12. "The Virus"
  13. "The Pony" (cameo)
  14. "The Hero"
  15. "The Dream"
  16. "The Sidekick"
  17. "The Photo"
  18. "The Storm"
  19. "The Lesson"
  20. "The Voice"
  21. "The Promise"
  22. "The Castle" (mentioned)
  23. "The Boombox"
  24. "The Tape"
  25. "The Sweaters"
  26. "The Internet"
  27. "The World"
  28. "The Finale"

Season 3

  1. "The Kids" (mentioned)
  2. "The Fan"
  3. "The Coach"
  4. "The Joy"
  5. "The Recipe"
  6. "The Name"
  7. "The Extras"
  8. "The Fraud"
  9. "The Void"
  10. "The Boss"
  11. "The Move"
  12. "The Allergy"
  13. "The Mothers"
  14. "The Password" (photo)
  15. "The Shell"
  16. "The Burden"
  17. "The Bros"
  18. "The Mirror"
  19. "The Lie"
  20. "The Butterfly"
  21. "The Question"
  22. "The Saint"
  23. "The Safety"
  24. "The Society"
  25. "The Spoiler"
  26. "The Countdown"
  27. "The Triangle"
  28. "The Money" (mentioned)

Season 4

  1. "The Return"
  2. "The Others"
  3. "The Pest"
  4. "The Gift"
  5. "The Routine" (mentioned)
  6. "The Upgrade"
  7. "The Comic"
  8. "The Romantic"
  9. "The Uploads"
  10. "The Hug"
  11. "The Wicked" (photo)
  12. "The Traitor"
  13. "The Origins" (mentioned)
  14. "The Advice"
  15. "The Girlfriend"
  16. "The Parasite"
  17. "The Love"
  18. "The Points"
  19. "The Bus"
  20. "The Night" (in Hector's dream and Teri's dream)
  21. "The Blame"
  22. "The Slap"
  23. "The Fury"
  24. "The Compilation"
  25. "The Scam"
  26. "The Disaster" (mentioned)

Season 5

  1. "The Rerun" (mentioned)
  2. "The Stories"
  3. "The Guy"
  4. "The Vision"
  5. "The Choices"
  6. "The Code"
  7. "The Test"
  8. "The Slide"
  9. "The Loophole"
  10. "The Potato"
  11. "The Matchmaker"
  12. "The Console" (cameo)
  13. "The Catfish"
  14. "The Cycle"
  15. "The Grades"
  16. "The Ex"
  17. "The Sorcerer"
  18. "The Uncle"
  19. "The Weirdo"
  20. "The Singing"
  21. "The Best"
  22. "The Worst"
  23. "The Line" (mentioned)
  24. "The List"
  25. "The News" (cameo)
  26. "The Puppets"

Season 6

  1. "The Lady"
  2. "The Sucker"
  3. "The One"
  4. "The Cringe"
  5. "The Cage"
  6. "The Candidate"
  7. "The Anybody"
  8. "The Pact"
  9. "The Neighbor" (flashback)
  10. "The Parents" (flashback)
  11. "The Schooling" (mentioned)
  12. "The Intelligence"
  13. "The Potion"
  14. "The Spinoffs"
  15. "The Understanding"
  16. "The Ad"
  17. "The Ghouls"
  18. "The Stink"
  19. "The Awareness"
  20. "The Drama"
  21. "The Buddy"
  22. "The Wish"
  23. "The Silence"
  24. "The Wish"
  25. "The Factory" (mentioned)
  26. "The Agent"
  27. "The Revolt"
  28. "The Decisions"
  29. "The Inquisition"

Students in Miss Simian's class

Students in other classes

Students in Coach's class





  • Drama Club
  • Anger Management Club
    • Known members: Nicole, Mr. Small
  • Computer Club
  • Fantasy Club
    • Known members: Richard, elders
  • Gumball's Club of Gumball (disbanded)
    • Known members: Gumball
  • Physics Club
    • Known members: Anais
  • Reject Club
  • Synchronized Swimming Club
  • Soccer Club
    • Known members: Tobias, Banana Joe, Hector, Gumball (formerly)

Types of detention

  • 2 hours' detention (For potentially damaging Principal Brown's face)
  • 3 hours' detention (For insulting global warming or leaving detention early)
  • 4 hours' detention (Also for potentially damaging Principal Brown's face)
  • 6 hours' detention (For throwing water at Miss Simian's face and ripping up a surprise test)
  • 7 hours' detention (For hurting Principal Brown's feelings)
  • 8 hours' detention (Also for potentially damaging Principal Brown's face)
  • 1 week detention (For cheating on a math test)
  • weeks detention (For stealing school items)
  • 1 month detention (For hitting a teacher on the head)
  • 3 months' detention (For hitting a teacher on the head, destroying the office, and turning the fire alarm on)
  • 1 minute detention (For throwing toilet paper at the trees)



  • The doors on the front entrance of Elmore Junior High match the colors of the main Watterson children; Anais, Gumball, and Darwin.
  • The school's mascot is a duck, whose costume is portrayed by Archie the Duck, who looks exactly like the costume.
  • Strangely, although Darwin is only 10 years old, he is still a 7th (and later 8th) grader like Gumball who is 12 years old. This may have something to do with how he is registered as a "pet fish" instead of a student.
    • Along with Darwin, Jamie, Tina, and Carrie are respectively 13, 14, and 327 years old and are in a 7th (and later 8th) grade class. 
  • Anais attends this school because of her high intelligence, despite being only four years old. She is not in Miss Simian's class with her brothers, instead, she goes to an 8th-grade class, as revealed in "The Others." She has been shown as a student in "The Dress," "The Quest," "The Painting," "The Mystery," "The Curse," "The Fight," "The Sidekick," "The Voice," "The Joy," "The Void," "The Return," "The Others," "The Pest," "The Routine," "The Parasite," "The Points," "The Stories," "The Guy," "The Test," "The Vase," "The Nuisance," and "The Buddy."
  • The live-action shot of the school's exterior is from Abraham Lincoln High School in San Francisco. Interestingly enough, a lot of the more Victorian houses, like the one in front of the bus stop in "The Gi" look like Vallejo houses, similar to those of San Francisco.
  • The live-action photo location used for the school basketball court is from Lincoln Elementary.
  • On Miss Simian's door, there is a three-eyed smiley face. This is a reference to the 2001 science fiction film, Evolution.
  • Despite it being Elmore's local school, the Wattersons have to drive through a busy expressway to get there, as seen in "The Gi," "The Bumpkin," and "The Fury."
  • In season 1, the walls near the school building were colored yellow, but in some season 2 episodes, they were changed to red, like the real-life version of the school. Later in season 2, the walls stayed red permanently.
    • In some episodes, the doors are all red (also like the real-life version) instead of blue, orange, and pink.
  • In several scenes from various episodes (like the scene from "The Skull" where Gumball, Darwin, and Clayton are running away from Razor) the school halls are seen to be unrealistically long.
  • An art teacher and a young duck teacher were created to be faculty at Elmore Junior High for the episode, "The Others," but were scrapped.

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