We're Outta Here

[Almost the entire class and Rocky are in the playground, Gumball and Darwin are near the fence]
Gumball: Okay, buddy, today's the day we break outta school. [Their plan is written on the ground] As you can see, I've simplified the plan. It is now foolproof! And you know what to do, right?
Darwin: Right!
Gumball: Ready?
Darwin: Ready! Err... Ready for what?
Gumball: [Sighs] Never mind. [Whistles] Hey, T-Rex! [Throws a steak; Tina goes for it]
[Tina pulls on a rope tied to a merry-go-round that Carmen is on, causing it to go so fast that Carmen flies off, hitting and popping Alan, who Masami is about to kiss, making her cry on Leslie, making Rocky sneeze, which blows Teri into the girl's bathroom, making the girls scream and throw him into a wastebasket outside. The weight then causes the basket to be weighted down, which uses scissors to cut Ocho's web, who then jumps accidentally, onto a trampoline, shooting him right into Banana Joe, who falls off the swing]
Banana Joe: [after falling on the floor] I'm okay, I'm okay! [Hector steps on him, causing him to slip backwards]
Gumball: Get ready to taste freedom!
[Hector lands on the end of the catapult]
Gumball and Darwin: Woo hoo!
[They are catapulted, but they crash onto Hector's butt. Banana Joe laughs at them]
Gumball: Eh, could've been worse.
[Hector tightens his butt, making Gumball and Darwin kiss each other. Gumball and Darwin scream; the episode ends]
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