The early reel episode of The Amazing World of Gumball was never aired on TV. It was produced in 2008 and was uploaded on YouTube by Ben Bocquelet on January 18th, 2013.


Gumball and Darwin build a Rube Goldberg machine in an attempt to escape from school.


The early reel begins with a wide shot of the schoolyard of Elmore Junior High, with several students (and Miss Simian) present. Gumball and Darwin are shown at the edge of the area. Gumball explains to Darwin that today they are going to break out of school, and shows him a simplified version of their plan, which is, even post-simplification, extremely long and complex. The boys mount a see-saw, and Gumball asks his brother if he is ready. Darwin is still unclear on what they are doing, but Gumball executes the plan regardless. He flings a steak at Tina, who lunges at it. A string tied to her tail and a roundabout is pulled in the process, spinning the roundabout rapidly enough to launch Carmen, who was standing on it. She collides with and pops Alan, who is being kissed by Masami. Masami bursts into tears, raining on Leslie, who sprays pollen over Rocky, making him sneeze. This blows the petals off Leslie and propels Teri into the girls' bathroom. The girls within scream and throw him into a nearby garbage can, which weighs a pair of scissors down enough for them to cut through the web of Ocho, making him fall onto a trampoline which launches him at Banana Joe, who is on a swingset.

Joe is sent flying upwards, landing unscathed soon after. He is excited to be unhurt, but is soon stepped on by Hector, making the giant stumble back and step onto the Watterson brothers' see-saw. This launches them, but not out of the school— onto Hector's buttocks. As an injured Joe laughs, Gumball points out that it could have gone worse. However, when Hector's buttocks squeeze together and make the boys kiss, they both cry out in disgust. After this, the title— "Gumball"— is shown over a background of the sky, as what would become the final notes of the opening theme of the final show play, ending the reel.


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  • Many characters make a debut in this episode.
  • It was uploaded to YouTube in 2010, but Cartoon Network took it down due to copyright reasons. On January 18th, 2013, it was re-uploaded by Ben Bocquelet.
  • Ben Bocquelet said he might add the episode as a special feature on a possibly upcoming The Amazing World of Gumball DVD release if another one comes out, since it did not make the first, second, or third one.
    • However, the episode was not on the fourth DVD either.
  • Many characters use old designs in this episode, making this, "The Mystery," "The Curse," "The Joy," and "The Void" the only episodes in which characters use old designs.
  • A link to Gumball's 2007–2008 designs that were used in this episode can be found below.
  • Nicky Jones, famous for the voice acting on the show Chowder as the titular character, voices Gumball in this episode.
  • In this episode, Masami kisses Alan (who does not object), but in the actual series, it has been shown that Carmen and Alan love each other.
    • This idea may have been reused in "The Storm."
  • According to the plan drawn in chalk by Gumball, Teri was originally a boy.
    • It was also implied when Teri was blown under the girls bathroom, and the girls screamed.
  • Ben Bocquelet uploaded the video to his Twitter, two years after it was created.
  • Gumball appears to be very intelligent in this video, judging by the plan drawn out in chalk.
  • Rocky appears to have an allergic reaction to pollen.
    • Also, it may be implied that he is a student rather than a custodian, which he is in the series.
  • Darwin bears a slight resemblance to Nemo from the movie Finding Nemo.
  • Darwin's CGI model can be seen in the background of the Void in the episode of the same name.
  • In this episode, the opening credits are not shown. However, at the end of the episode, it simply says "Gumball" instead of "The Amazing World of Gumball." Also, the background of the credits is the sky instead of space.
    • The name originated by Bocquelet thinking of things a child would randomly have in his pocket.
  • Fragile, Splatty, and the purple guy are in this episode, but were scrapped in the final series.


  • In the shot where Gumball smiles at Darwin, the other characters in the background are missing.
  • In the scene where Tina is catching the steak, Leslie's petals very briefly change from blue to pink.
  • When Gumball and Darwin are launched at Hector's butt, Gumball disappears for a couple of split seconds.
  • There are some scenes where Gumball's eyes (sclerae) are transparent.

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We're Outta Here

[Almost the entire class, Rocky, and Miss Simian are in the playground, Gumball and Darwin are near the fence]
Gumball: Okay, buddy, today's the day we break outta school. [Their plan is written on the ground] As you can see, I've simplified the plan. It is now foolproof! And you know what to do, right?
Darwin: Right!
Gumball: Ready?
Darwin: Ready! Err... Ready for what?
Gumball: [Sighs] Never mind. [Whistles] Hey, T-Rex! [Throws a steak; Tina goes for it]
[Tina pulls on a rope tied to a merry-go-round that Carmen is on, causing it to go so fast that Carmen flies off, hitting and popping Alan, who Masami is about to kiss, making her cry on Leslie, making Rocky sneeze, which blows Teri into the girl's bathroom, making the girls scream and throw him into a wastebasket outside. The weight then causes the basket to be weighted down, which uses scissors to cut Ocho's web, who then jumps accidentally, onto a trampoline, shooting him right into Banana Joe, who falls off the swing]
Banana Joe: [after falling on the floor] I'm okay, I'm okay! [Hector steps on him, causing him to slip backwards]
Gumball: Get ready to taste freedom!
[Hector lands on the end of the catapult]
Gumball and Darwin: Woo-hoo!
[They are catapulted, but they crash onto Hector's butt. Banana Joe laughs at them]
Gumball: Eh, could've been worse.
[Hector tightens his butt, making Gumball and Darwin kiss each other. Gumball and Darwin scream; the episode ends]
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