Dino Donkey Dash is an online game based on the episode "The Quest."


The game follows the storyline of "The Quest," where Anais forces Gumball and Darwin to retrieve her Daisy the Donkey doll from Tina. The playable part is based off the Junkyard scene - the trio sneaks into Tina's room, pokes her until she drops the doll, then escape.


The rescue mission is broken into three phases: sneak, poke, and chase.

Sneak Game

In the sneak game, Gumball and Darwin need to quietly make their way to Tina's bed without waking her up. In a manner similar to Tap Tap Revolution (which itself is based on Dance Dance Revolution), the player needs to hit the key that corresponds to what passes through the bubble at the bottom. Points are awarded based on how close the icon was to the middle of the bubble, from a minimum of 10 points to a maximum of 150 points. Hitting the wrong key or missing a key altogether gives no points, and if the player messes up five times, then Tina will wake up.

Controls: Up and Down arrow keys (W and S for Player 2, respectively).

Poke Game

In the poke game, Gumball needs to poke Tina in the right places to get her to drop Daisy. Because of the length of the rod combined with Gumball's general lack of upper body strength, the pole sways widely up and down. Points are awarded based on how close to the bullseye the player pokes. There is no time limit, so players may take as long as they want to aim and get the timing right; however, bonus points are awarded for poking the target anywhere within a few seconds of it appearing. The player is allowed to poke Tina in the wrong places three times (five times in 2-player mode), after which she will wake up.

Controls: Left and Right arrow keys to aim, Up arrow key to poke (A, D, and W for Player 2, respectively).

Chase Game

In the chase game, the trio needs to escape the junkyard while jumping over obstacles and dodging Tina's attacks. Both hazards have auditory and visual warnings - obstacles are heralded by the words "Look Out!" in bright red pixelated letters, and in the event of Tina approaching, the active character's facial expression changes to one of severe terror while the word "Yikes!" appears. The player can dodge Tina and the obstacles by either jumping over them or passing the doll to another character. The characters can only jump if the doll is not in their hands, and bonus points are awarded for catching the doll in midair. The player loses lives for doing one of the following: tripping over an obstacle, getting bitten by Tina, or failing to catch the doll. If the player loses all three lives (four lives in 2-player mode), then Tina will seize the doll.

Controls: Left and Right arrow keys to move across the screen, Up arrow key to either jump (if the doll is not yet in your hands) or pass the doll (A, D, and W for Player 2, respectively).


Like in the episode, Anais saves the day by clamping down on Tina's neck with a crane. Unlike the episode, the gang does not give Tina the doll back - instead they celebrate with a colorful background and a board with "Don't Mess with the Wattersons" written on it appears.



NOTE: Badges can be earned on the Cartoon Network websites only and the player must be logged in with their Cartoon Network website account in order to claim their badges.

Badge1 It's Like She's Smiling (Mystery Badge) - Poke Tina in her cheek.

Badge2 Silent Running - Beat the Sneak Game.

Badge3 Nerves of Steel- Beat the Poke Game.

Badge4 Stealth Ninja - Beat the Sneak Game Without Any Mistakes.

Badge5 Catlike Reflexes - Dodge Tina's Attack Without Jumping.

Badge6 Lightning Fast - Beat the Chase Game.



  • The game had nearly 20,000 players when it came out, making it the second most played Gumball game to date.
  • Poking Tina in the corner of her mouth during the poke game awards the secret badge, additional points, and a giggle from Gumball.
  • In the promo, the narrator named the game wrong, saying "Donkey Dino Dash."
  • In CN Asia Pacific sites, the mystery badge, "It's Like She's Smiling," is not available.
  • During the cutscene before the poke game, when Gumball tells Darwin to be quiet, Darwin's right arm briefly disappears.

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