Daisy the Donkey

Season 2 Daisy


Character Information
Gender: Female ♀
Species: Stuffed donkey
Friends: Anais,
Sally the Snake (in "The Remote")
Enemies: Anais (in "The Night"),
Sally the Snake (in "The Uploads" and "The News")
First Appearance: "The DVD" (voice)
"The Responsible" (first physical appearance)
Voice: Jessica McDonald, Kyla Rae Kowalewski (in "The Night")

Daisy the Donkey is a recurring fictional character in The Amazing World of Gumball. She is a pink and yellow stuffed donkey that was first shown as a character of the Daisy the Donkey Show in "The Responsible." She seems to be a very popular character in the series, seeing as she even has her own cereal and a theme park based on her. Anais in particular seems to be obsessed with her, even more so in the early seasons.


Daisy is a pink donkey with a yellow muzzle, hands, and feet. In season 1, she has white sparkles in her pupils, though they have been removed and her eye color changed to purple since season 2. She appears to be a much more intense pink in "The Car," but has been seen with her original colors since then.

Episode appearances

Season 1

  • "The DVD": She speaks on TV, but only her voice is heard.
  • "The Responsible": Her first physical appearance. She is on TV.
  • "The Quest": Her first major role. Tina steals her.
  • "The Party" (mentioned)
  • "The Refund": Anais throws her doll at the camera.
  • "The Car": Anais wants to see her Daisy on Ice show and later brings a large Daisy doll home.
  • "The Meddler": She is on TV when Nicole arrives home.

Season 2

  • "The Remote": Her second major role. Anais makes a zippered pocket in her doll's back in order to hide the remote inside her. She also wants to watch her show.
  • "The Job" (cameo)
  • "Christmas" (poster)
  • "The Watch" (cereal box)
  • "The Flakers" (cereal box)
  • "The Authority" (highway sign)
  • "The World": Her third major role. A flashback is shown when Anais first got her. A montage is shown of them having fun until she starts speaking. Anais freaks out and kicks her into the air. She later appears at the end of the reprise of "The Amazing World of Elmore."
  • "The Finale" (cereal box)

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

Season 6


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  • Daisy has her own theme park, Daisyland.
  • Daisy has been seen on the cover of a magazine, and she also has her own breakfast cereal, suggesting that she is a pop culture icon in the Gumball universe.
    • There was also an ice skating show featuring her in "The Car," further supporting the proposition that she is extremely famous.
    • There is a video game based on her, as seen in "The Disaster."
  • In "The Quest," Daisy was given to Tina by Anais, however, in future episodes, she is seen again with Anais.
  • Daisy is a donkey, but in "The Responsible," the closed captions call her show Daisy the Dog Show.
  • In "The World," it is revealed that Anais received Daisy as a birthday present from Richard and Nicole.
    • In the same episode, Daisy speaks near the end of the episode, twice.
  • In "Christmas," there is a poster for Daisy on Ice in the background of Nicole's house when she was a little girl, implying the character has been around for several decades.
  • In "The Night," Daisy is shown to be alive and have a consciousness. She dreams of swapping roles with Anais and torturing her.

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