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This article is about the crew that works on the show. You may be looking for the episode.

The following is a list of the known crew that works on The Amazing World of Gumball. This list may be incomplete as some crew members may be left uncredited.


Ben Bocquelet

Main article: Ben Bocquelet

Creator, writer, co-art director, and executive producer of the show.

Mic Graves

Main article: Mic Graves

Director and writer of the show. He also voiced several characters, including Banana Joe and William.

James Lamont

Main article: James Lamont

Jon Foster

Main article: Jon Foster

Tobi Wilson

Main article: Tobi Wilson

Joe Parham

Main article: Joe Parham

Guillaume Cassuto

Main article: Guillaume Cassuto

Started off making backgrounds for the show in Season 2, then started writing for the series later.

Louise Coats

Main article: Louise Coats

Daniel Berg

Main article: Daniel Berg

Nathan Auerbach

Main article: Nathan Auerbach

Andrew Jones

Main article: Andrew Jones

Ciaran Murtagh

Main article: Ciaran Murtagh


Daniel Lennard

Main article: Daniel Lennard

Executive producer, also the vice president of Cartoon Network Development Studios Europe.

Michael Carrington

Main article: Michael Carrington

Executive producer.



The storyboard supervisor, as the name suggests, supervises the storyboarding process. This person makes sure the storyboards are of sufficient quality, and fit the needs/vision the writers have in mind.

Chuck Klein

Main article: Chuck Klein

Worked as storyboard supervisor on Season 1 until the end of his job in late Season 4.

Adrian Maganza

Main article: Adrian Maganza

Began as storyboard artist in Season 2, now working as storyboard supervisor in Season 5.


The storyboard artists are the ones that actually draw the storyboards. A storyboard is a sort of comic strip that illustrates the script of the episode. They are made as outlines for what the final product should look like.

Sylvain Marc

Main article: Sylvain Marc

Helped Ben Bocquelet develop The Amazing World of Gumball and storyboarded the early reel.

Chris Garbutt

Main article: Chris Garbutt

Co-creator of Nickelodeon's upcoming series Pinky Malinky; Storyboarded "The Dress" and co-wrote "The Phone" and "The Limit."

Aurelie Charbonnier

Main article: Aurelie Charbonnier

Notable for being the girlfriend of the creator of the show, and the portrayer of Sussie, as well as her voice actor in Season 5 onwards. Also does some of the 2D animations in Season 2.

Amandine Pécharman

Main article: Amandine Pécharman

Lead designer for the first season of the show. Also designed the facial expressions/poses for most of the characters.

Benjamin Marsaud

Main article: Benjamin Marsaud

Credited as Ben Marsaud. Storyboarded most of the Season 1 episodes of the show, including the first episode.

Darren Vandenburg

Co-storyboarded for "The Kiss" and "The Fight."

George Gendi

Main article: George Gendi

Season 1 storyboard artist and creator of Cartoon Network's series Apple & Onion.

Rob Latimer

Main article: Rob Latimer

Kent Osborne

Main article: Kent Osborne

Sebastian Hary

Main article: Sebastian Hary

Akis Dimitrakopoulos

Main article: Akis Dimitrakopoulos

Jean Texier

Season 2 storyboard artist. He also storyboarded the scrapped episode "The Rex."

Yani Ouabdesselam

Main article: Yani Ouabdesselam

Richard Méril

Main article: Richard Méril

Chloé Nicolay

Main article: Chloé Nicolay


The storyboard revisionists are the ones that can change certain sequences from storyboards by adding, replacing, and organizing different scenes that are written from the notes before pitching the episode to the directors, editors, and the storyboard supervisor. They can also co-operate with the storyboard artist on drawing episodes.

Wandrille Maunoury

Main article: Wandrille Maunoury

Oliver Hamilton

Main article: Oliver Hamilton

Bianca Ansems

Main article: Bianca Ansems

Toby Parry

Character Design

Character designers are tasked to create various designs of new characters and costumes for main, supporting, and minor characters of the series. The creator and director will approve a certain design to be used in the final version.

Grant Orchard

Main article: Grant Orchard

Steve Small

Responsible for the character named after himself.

Virginie Kypriotis

Raphael "Casamokë" Chabassol

First character designer on Season 2.

William Laborie

Main article: William Laborie

Second character designer since Season 2 and storyboarded "The Flower", "Halloween", "Christmas", and "The Limit."

Vincent Béchet=

Yoann Hervo

Character designer as of Season 3 and creator of WEIRD SIMPSONS VHS.

Jérémy Pires

Began as 2D animator in Season 2 and member of the CRCR collective.

Willy Ohm

Character designer as of Season 3, credited as Guillaume Clairat on Season 5.

Mapie Demessant

Began as assistant character design in Season 4, and ascended as lead character designer on Season 5.

David Maingault

Gastón Pacheco

Brendan Merien

Character designer on Season 6, previously worked on Dawn of the Croods, Atomic Puppet, and Luke Pearson's Hilda.

Assistant Character Design

Amandine Pecharman

Character design assistant on Season 1.

Benjamin Culot

Character design assistant on Season 2.

Emmanuelle Leleu

Character design assistant on Season 3.

Oliver Hamilton

Character design assistant on middle Season 3, Season 4 and some episodes of Season 5. He was also a storyboard and revisionist artist in the series.

Riu Tinubu

Character design assistant on Season 6.


Richard Overall

Main article: Richard Overall

A singer who has worked on "Fine Lady," "You Gotta Think Big," and "Because We're Men." He is the voice of Billy and portrayed Ike Hitcher in "The Laziest." Also directed voice acting for Jacob Hopkins and Terrell Ransom, Jr..

Ben Locket

Main article: Ben Locket

Composer, wrote and composed several songs in the show, including the opening theme.

Willie Dowling

Secondary composer for the show, composed songs such as "The Inner Warrior" and "The Amazing World of Elmore."

Layouts Artists

A layout artist is responsible for the final camera animation, frames, shooting, set dressing and 3D Blocking.

Alexia Provoost

Layout artist as of Season 2 until Season 4.

Léo Weiss

Maud Sertour

Morgane Fraschina

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