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This article is about the operating system. You may be looking for the character.

Boobert Susteeme

Logo of Bobert System

The Bobert System is an operating system seen in "The Upgrade" that was first seen advertised by Fillippo Betto-Hunt, a "genius, philanthropist, and Senior VP of design operations" for the company. It supports Bobert (an old version) as well as the New Bobert models.

The main objective of the Bobert System is to "allow users to enjoy a truly singular experience, giving access to a whole new range of functionality."

The robots, including New Bobert, are supported by the current Bobert System, whose new upgrade is supposed to include "a new updated microchip and a new integrated AI (artificial intelligence)," as well as a mild three-dimensional effect on-screen display, photo filters, a health application, an MP3 player, voice activation software (though faulty), a counterproductive update of maps, and Debris Smasher, an application on the online Bobert Store used to destroy coming projectiles in order for defense.

However, the old Bobert model is not supported well with the upgraded version. This is shown in "The Upgrade" when Bobert seems to not function well with voice recognition and freezes spontaneously, forcing Gumball and Darwin to demand to the employees at the Bobert Store that he gets a downgrade.

Episode Appearances

Season 4


  • The advertisement of the Bobert System company is supposed to parody Apple Inc. for their commercials with frequent usage of the white background and special advertising techniques.
  • Fillippo Betto-Hunt is portrayed by Philip Hunt.
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