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Bobert 6B
Character Information
Gender: Male ♂
Also known as: Robot child (by Principal Brown in "The Agent")
Species: Robot
Age: 12
Friends: Ocho
Clayton (possibly)
Vacuum cleaner (love interest)
Enemies: Tina
Miss Simian
Relatives: Mom-Unit (mother)
Occupation: Student
First Appearance: The early reel (prototype)
"The Third" (final concept)
Voice: Kerry Shale
Color Scheme
coat cloth eye light

Bobert 6B, better known simply as "Bobert," is a supporting character in The Amazing World of Gumball. He is a high-tech robot that attends Elmore Junior High and is by far the smartest student in the school, even smarter than Anais, William, Carmen, Alan, Billy, Colin, and Felix.


Bobert is a sleek, white robot with clamps for hands and a speaker for a mouth, which glows green when he talks. On his left "ear," there is a button that clears his memory and reboots him. In the middle of his head is a large, blue eye, which can record video and sound.

Bobert is also capable of transforming into a huge mech, which he calls his "combat mode." It somewhat resembles a bipedal washing machine. In this mode, Bobert's arms transform into huge Gatling guns, rocket launchers grow out from his shoulders, his legs get bulkier, and a cannon opens up on his chest.

In season 2, Bobert was slightly redesigned. The black strip coming from the bottom right corner of his eye was removed, and the black rim around Bobert's eye was thickened. Since the rim around Bobert's eye was thickened, Bobert's "pupil" is also smaller than before. His arms are also more gray than black and his speakers are red.


Bobert, being a robot, has difficulties processing human emotions and necessities. He is highly rigorous and analytical, calculating all that he observes into a mathematical formula of some sort. Despite this, Bobert is known to occasionally envy his organic classmates, and on at least one occasion has attempted to become a real boy, resulting in stealing Gumball's identity, stealing his family and best friend, receiving a kiss on the lips, and being offered a date with Penny.

Since Bobert has such a scientific outlook on the world, he is one of the most intelligent students at Elmore Junior High and is undoubtedly the smartest in Miss Simian's class. As a result of his spatial intelligence but lack of emotional intelligence, Bobert is almost unfairly called a nerd by his classmates and is a member of the Reject Club along with Colin, Felix, and Ocho.

In later episodes, Bobert seems to be much more comfortable with his robot status. While he still longs to fit in with his classmates and find friends, no longer is he trying to do anything extreme to reach such goals. He has managed to fit in better as time went on.

He instead prefers to be accepted for the robotic buddy he is, as seen in "The Upgrade."


As a robot, Bobert possesses powerful strength, and is capable of shooting lasers from his eye or discharging powerful energy able to melt doors in his path, as seen in "The Bet." He can fly using thrusters under his feet, and enter the "command mode," where he temporarily serves his master and obeys any of their orders.

Among his various modes is "combat mode," under which he is observed to shoot lasers. However, he can also concentrate all his weapons for an extremely powerful attack that can be felt throughout the entire city, as seen in "The Robot." Bobert can also build up his behavior by people around him, nearly copying all their emotions and voices. In "The Fridge," Bobert is shown to be capable of playing the flute.

Bobert can also enter a "defense mode," a purely defensive configuration in which he retracts his arms, legs, and torso into his head, extending a tight metal shell over the entire arrangement, creating a steel-plated hemisphere that is difficult to move and break.


In "The Upgrade," Bobert received a temporary upgrade to his operating system. The new update included a 3D perspective, improved photo modifying, GPS, and enhanced command mode. However, the update made him unstable as well, causing him to frequently freeze up, so by the end of the episode, he returned to his previous operating system.


Bobert is not water-proof, which means any water supply can temporarily immobilize him. He is also vulnerable to static electricity and bad odors, and his system will break when laughing too much, though this only occurred in "The Club" and "The Mystery." However, in "The Agent," it is shown that he received an upgrade that lets him transform into a water-proof submarine, somewhat negating his weakness to water. As he is a machine, he can also be taken advantage of, as Miss Simian wiped some of his memory in "The Mystery" and William pinned him against the wall and removed his arms in "The Agent."

Episode appearances


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

  • "The Stories": He is among the students wanting to get rid of Molly's boring stories.
  • "The Guy": He protects himself from Anais.
  • "The Vision": He votes for Alan in a vision.
  • "The Loophole": His fifth major role. Gumball and Darwin try to make him less of a danger, but only make him decide to eradicate mankind.
  • "The Vase": He briefly appears on a photo next to Anais' photo.
  • "The Grades": He is in class.
  • "The Best": He is in the cafeteria. Later, he feeds squirrels, before Darwin sprays water on him.
  • "The Line": He blasts Leslie and the melted cheese guy.

Season 6

Scrapped appearances

Voice actors

  • Kerry Shale (United States, United Kingdom)
  • Sérgio Muniz (Brazil, seasons 1–2)
  • Hiroki Gotō (Japan)


Initiating self-defense protocol.

—Bobert in "The Robot"

I concur with the aquatic life form.

—Bobert to Gumball in "The Robot"

That spells poop in binary code.

—Bobert in "The Phone"

Why are you repeatedly jumping on your face?

—Bobert to Darwin in "The Bet"

Following command.

—Bobert to Gumball in "The Bet"

[Shooting flames out of his butt] Do you have anything for this?

—Bobert to Joan Markham in "The Bet"

[Confronts Tobias] Give up. You have a two percent chance of defeating me. [Tobias hits Bobert with one of the locker doors] You have a four percent chalice of repeating me. [Tobias hits him again] You have a squirrel chocolate geography hairbrush.

—Bobert to Tobias in "The Candidate"


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  • Bobert's name is a combination of the words "Bot," "Bob," and "Robert."
  • Bobert has transformed into combat mode at least five times: in "The Robot," in "The Club," in "The Apology"—in Gumball and Darwin's imagination— in "The Law," and finally in "The Stories."
  • According to a picture from Anais' Flickr, Bobert can refuel himself using a gas pump.
  • In "The Robot," Bobert is shown to be emotionless, but in "The Mystery," he laughs at Principal Brown falling down the stairs, wrapping himself up in toilet paper and falling into Gumball's locker.
  • In season 2, his voice gets a lower pitch and sounds more robot-like.
  • In his prototype, Bobert had a smaller, round pupil in a otherwise completely black eye (though that could just be a reflection).
  • In "The Upgrade," it is revealed that there is a large line of various Bobert models, including that of New Bobert.
    • It is also revealed in the same episode that this Bobert is part of a line of Boberts that were purposely designed to fail, probably to help the company get more money. However, the company seemed to ironically fail, as Bobert is still operating.
  • In "The Loophole," Bobert mentions System 32, referring to a special folder in the Windows operating system containing executables important to its normal functioning.
  • His "surname" was revealed in "Ancestor Act," although it is presumably just his model number or some similar form of denomination meant to act like a surname.
  • Bobert is one of the characters who were originally created by Ben Bocquelet for old commercial pitches.[1]


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