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ThatGuy456 ThatGuy456 12 June

A Guy's Thoughts: Gumball Reflection - Season 3: Episode Rankings

  • 1 The Introduction
  • 2 The Lows
    • 2.1 3(ish). The Extras
    • 2.2 2(ish). The Allergy
    • 2.3 1. The Society
  • 3 The Highs
    • 3.1 15(ish). The Oracle
    • 3.2 14(ish). The Law
    • 3.3 13(ish). The Butterfly
    • 3.4 12(ish). The Safety
    • 3.5 11(ish). The Joy
    • 3.6 10(ish). The Lie
      • 3.6.1 Bonus Section
    • 3.7 9(ish). The Friend
    • 3.8 8(ish). The Countdown
    • 3.9 7(ish). The Name

Hi there! Welcome to this niche corner of the internet! Thank you for stopping by!

For those of you who have been following this project for a while: surprised ;)? I actually got this out in a little over two months instead of taking forever like I have been for the past two entries. Whether I’ll be able to maintain this pace is up for debate, but hey, at least I got this part out in a reasonable amount of time.

For those of you who are new he…

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Stupidkid12 Stupidkid12 21 days ago

hi this is my blog

who can tell me about gumball movie?

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Isadapizza Isadapizza 16 June

Fav episode

Mine is the one I love it alot

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Iamafryingpan Iamafryingpan 18 days ago


because tawog

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Imjustthenewibizy Imjustthenewibizy 24 days ago



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FustyDipper FustyDipper 11 June


the edosipe is type of monkey and a gorrila.

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Isabella.madarriaga.5 Isabella.madarriaga.5 12 days ago

fan de gumball

claramente esta pagina es algo antigua pero si personas aquí que sin están leyendo esto supongo que tal vez me dirán algo por ejemplo y digamos que lo cree por si aun hay personas aquí que puedan escuchar mi opinión y mi gusto de la serie así que si hay algo de gente interesada déjenmelo en los comentarios.

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4804237225Chae 4804237225Chae 25 days ago

ready to hear game was

Everbody I was not happy

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Croatia ball 77 Croatia ball 77 10 June



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JackClarkStudios JackClarkStudios 10 June

10 Best Episodes

Here is what I think what the best episodes are:

  • "The Laziest" - The episode was so funny, I liked where Gumball and Darwin try to ruin Larry's life.
  • "The Club" - I liked the whole episode.
  • "The Remote" - that was one of my one-time favorite ones, everything was so drawn-styled.
  • "The Fridge" - The whole episode was awesome.
  • "The Phone" - Good episode.
  • "The Routine" - The episode was amazing, It reminded me of Game of Thrones.
  • "The World" - Every object was so funny.
  • "The Compilation" - Weird Like You and Me is good.
  • "The Downer" - Gumball singing a parody of Happy was funny.
  • "The Nest" - Liked the mission.
  • "The Fury" - I loved the anime-styled scene, it references Pokémon, Bakugan, and Dragon Ball Z.
  • "The Romantic" - Great episode.
  • "The Shell" - SO MUC…
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