• Pastelcupcake11

    Who is your favorite character? Mine is probably Carrie but I'm not sure. Tell me your answers in the comments section!

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  • Peust

    My favorite minor character is the 8-bit Dog. What's yours? Your favorite character image will be put up (until Jan 15.) 

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  • ThatGuy456
    Butter side down, just like poor Uncle Eddie.

    Hey there! Thank you for coming here and at least showing somewhat of an interest in what I am doing here!

    For the four of you out there that have made yourselves regulars, you may recall that I alluded to having a big project in the works in my previous article. At long last, here it is! Or at least here is part of it!

    This article is hopefully the first in a multi-part series in which I will do a comprehensive retrospective of The Amazing World of Gumball. In this series, I hope to tackle how the show progressed with each season as well as highlight specific episodes (good or bad) that came out of the season. This is going to be quite the endeavor from me, so I can only hope that everything goes …

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  • Baghead11

    Hello, people of Earth and Mars! I have returned with two more episodes that I think are underrated, "The Rival" and "The Hero."

    Warning! This blog contains unpopular opinions. Do not attack me for my opinions. You. Have. Been. WARNED.

    One and a half seasons before "The Rival" aired, "The Origins," part one and two aired, and everyone loved them. The episode told the of how Darwin came into the family. When "The Rival" aired, it did not score well with The Amazing World of Gumball fans. I believe it is underrated. The episode starts with many jokes and laughs and introduces the smart yet evil Baby Anais. Gumball and Darwin love the baby, which shows that Gumball and Darwin aren't as evil (shout-out to the Darwin hAtEr Idroppedmypen) as they us…

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  • Bluey52

    cupcKe man

    January 24, 2020 by Bluey52

    hey umm i just wanted to say that the cupcake man's name is revealed in The Worst at the part where it shoss the employee of the month in nicole's flashback, sorry if you already knew this and also i'm not inactive

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  • Tobias35

    Today's date is 2/5/19. About 9 months(10 months if you saw the episode on the CN App) have gone by since Gumball ended(maybe) with the episode that not only stunk as series finale but managed to do the impossible and literally mindf**ked its viewers, fanbase, and even cable providers & streaming services into permanent limbo. This is my rant and discussion on the unknown future for Gumball and potential existence of a movie.

    As of now we are still clueless on two things. Will the show get a movie? And the quite bigger one, is the show over or not? We have no official answers on neither of these topics. And like many of you who are not only scared for the future of this show and its colorful and creative characters that may now be suffering…

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  • Jamesgrout

    I had to write this one in the TAWOG fanfic wikia.

    Link to it here:

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  • Wiktor Mlody


    January 26, 2020 by Wiktor Mlody


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  • Weirdo Lemonade

    Random Sketch

    March 25, 2020 by Weirdo Lemonade
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  • YeetuumannBFB16


    March 11, 2020 by YeetuumannBFB16

    If your new i wanted to say hello :)

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