• CD234

    This is the link.

    Without You(The Matchmaker)

    What is Love?(The Love)

    Nobody's a nobody(The Compilation)

    Life ain't Perfect(The Faith)

    I'm Singing(The Singing)

    Life can make you smile(The Downer)

    Goodbye(The Uncle)

    These are my favorite Gumball Songs!

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    July 8, 2020 by Bettermorgz456

    I do stuff....hi

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  • CD234

    I have remade Gumball Season Scorecards. What do you think about my opinions?

    If you have much time, could you make your Gumball Season Scorecards?

    I want to see your Gumball Scorecards!

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  • CD234

    This is my Gumball Characters Scorecard ~New Version~!

    Best 10

    1.Carrie Krueger

    2.Darwin Watterson

    3.Anais Watterson

    4.Nicole Watterson


    6.Penny Fitzgerald

    7.Jamie Russo

    8.Gumball Watterson



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  • CD234

    The Rival-Okay

    The Lady-Great

    The Sucker-Superb

    The Vegging-Amazing

    The One-Okay

    The Father-Superb

    The Cringe-Mediocre

    The Cage-Amazing

    The Neighbor-Meh

    The Anybody-Good

    The Faith-Fantastic

    The Candidate-Great

    The Pact-Mediocre

    The Shippening-Amazing

    The Brain-Good

    The Parents-Bad

    The Founder-Superb

    The Schooling-Superb

    The Intelligence-Okay

    The Potion-Mediocre

    The Spinoffs-Amazing

    The Transformation-Great

    The Understanding-Bad

    The Ad-Mediocre

    The Ghouls-Good

    The Stink-Meh

    The Awareness-Meh

    The Slip-Superb

    The Drama-Bad

    The Buddy-Fantastic

    The Possession-Amazing

    The Master-Superb

    The Silence-Good

    The Future-Amazing

    The Wish-Okay

    The Factory-Good

    The Agent-Great

    The Web-Bad

    The Mess-Good

    The Heart-Superb

    The Revolt-Terrible

    The Decisions-Good

    The BFFS-Terrible

    The Inquisition-Superb …

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  • CD234

    The Rerun-Fantastic

    The Stories-Superb

    The Guy-Meh

    The Boredom-Meh

    The Vision-Amazing

    The Choices-Fantastic

    The Code-Amazing

    The Test-Great

    The Slide-Superb

    The Loophole-Good

    The Copycats-Fantastic

    The Potato-Mediocre

    The Fuss-Fantastic

    The Outside-Good

    The Vase-Amazing

    The Matchmaker-Fantastic

    The Box-Amazing

    The Console-Fantastic

    The Ollie-Great

    The Catfish-Okay

    The Cycle-Okay

    The Stars-Okay

    The Grades-Superb

    The Diet-Mediocre

    The Ex-Terrible

    The Sorcerer-Okay

    The Menu-Good

    The Uncle-Okay

    The Weirdo-Mediocre

    The Heist-Great

    The Singing-Fantastic

    The Best-Great

    The Worst-Bad

    The Deal-Meh

    The Petals-Superb

    The Nuisance-Good

    The Line-Amazing

    The List-Superb

    The News-Fantastic

    The Puppet-Great

    Best Episode:The Matchmaker

    Worst Episode:The Ex

    Superb Season: My Favorite Season

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  • CD234

    he Return-Good

    The Nemesis-Superb

    The Crew-Good

    The Others-Great

    The Signature-Amazing

    The Check-Amazing

    The Pest-Okay

    The Sale-Okay

    The Gift-Great

    The Parking-Amazing

    The Routine-Great

    The Upgrade-Superb

    The Comic-Superb

    The Romantic-Amazing

    The Uploads-Amazing

    The Apprentice-Mediocre

    The Hug-Superb

    The Wicked-Good

    The Traitor-Good

    The Origins-Amazing

    The Origins Part Two-Fantastic

    The Girlfriend-Okay

    The Advice-Okay

    The Signal-Amazing

    The Parasite- Great

    The Love-Fantastic

    The Awkwardness-Great

    The Nest-Amazing

    The Points-Good

    The Bus-Amazing

    The Night-Superb

    The Misunderstandings-Good

    The Roots- Superb

    The Blame-Great

    The Slap-Great

    The Detective-Fantastic

    The Fury-Fantastic

    The Compilation-Meh

    The Scam-Superb

    The Disaster-Fantastic

    Best Episode:The Love

    Worst Episode:The Appr…

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  • CD234

    he Kids-Amazing

    The Fan-Meh

    The Coach-Meh

    The Joy-Superb

    The Puppy-Great

    The Recipe-Good

    The Name-Amazing

    The Extras-Good

    The Gripes-Meh

    The Vacation-Good

    The Fraud-Superb

    The Void-Fantastic

    The Boss-Superb

    The Move-Good

    The Law-Great

    The Allergy-Good

    The Mothers-Good

    The Password-Good

    The Procrastinators:Superb

    The Shell-Fantastic

    The Burden-Good

    The Bros-Good

    The Mirror-Fantastic

    The Man-Great

    The Pizza-Okay

    The Lie-Fantastic

    The Butterfly-Amazing

    The Question-Fantastic

    The Saint-Okay

    The Friend-Fantastic

    The Oracle-Superb

    The Safety-Amazing

    The Society-Meh

    The Spoiler- Great

    The Countdown-Superb

    The Nobody-Great

    The Downer-Superb

    The Egg-Good

    The Triangle-Good

    The Money-Fantastic

    Best Episode:The Shell

    Worst Episode:The Fan

    Great Season

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  • CD234

    The Remote-Fantastic

    The Colossus-Amazing

    The Knights-Okay

    The Fridge-Great

    The Flower-Amazing

    The Banana-Okay

    The Phone-Superb

    The Job-Fantastic


    The Treasure-Fantastic

    The Apology-Good

    The Words-Superb

    The Skull-Mediocre

    The Bet-Meh


    The Watch-Mediocre

    The Bumpkin-Good

    The Flakers-Good

    The Authority-Good

    The Virus-Great

    The Pony-Superb

    The Hero-Meh

    The Dream-Okay

    The Sidekick-Great

    The Photo-Meh

    The Tag-Good

    The Storm-Fantastic

    The Lesson-Good

    The Game-Amazing

    The Limit-Superb

    The Voice-Good

    The Promise-Mediocre

    The Castle-Good

    The Boombox-Meh

    The Tape-Superb

    The Sweaters-Fantastic

    The Internet-Great

    The Plan-Amazing

    The World-Good

    The Finale-Amazing

    Best Episode:The Storm

    Worst Episode:The Promise

    Great Season

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  • CD234

    I make New Gumball Scorecards. 

    My Rating System











    Is it OK? This is my rating!

    The DVD:Superb

    The Responsible:Mediocre

    The Third:Meh

    The Debt:Meh

    The End:Good

    The Dress:Okay

    The Quest:Good

    The Spoon:Amazing

    The Pressure:Good

    The Painting:Amazing

    The Ghost:Meh

    The Laziest:Bad

    The Mystery:Superb

    The Prank:Meh

    The Gi:Great

    The Kiss:Bad

    The Party:Meh

    The Refund:Amazing

    The Robot:Bad

    The Picnic:Mediocre

    The Goons:Okay

    The Secret:Okay

    The Sock:Superb

    The Genius:Great

    The Poltergeist:Great

    The Mustache:Mediocre

    The Date:Meh

    The Club:Fantastic

    The Wand:Okay

    The Ape:Superb

    The Car:Meh

    The Curse:Great

    The Microwave:Good

    The Meddler:Good

    The Helmet:Great

    The Fight:Okay

    Best Episode:The Club

    Worst Episode:The Kiss

    Season 1-Oka…

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