• Baghead11

    Before we go anywhere, I just want to make a shoutout to CD234, who explained to me why this is a bad episode. Then I watched it and I was like: “Huh”.

    Welcome everyone to my second critic blog! Today I will be reviewing The Ex. You are in for a treat, as I actually know what I am doing this time (LOL).

    So the basic plot of the episode is, Gumball and Penny are at the mall and Gumball sees Rob. Thinking he is there because his is planning for their next battle, he is happy, and goes up to him. However, Rob explains he has a new nemesis, and because of their last battle, (I don’t know how Rob remembers that or anything else he’s supposed to forget) he dropped Gumball as his nemesis. Gumball becomes very depressed, not thinking about Penny at …

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  • BattleForBFDIFan4

    For doing unnesesary stuff, will ya accept it?

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  • Tickle Bear

    Dream Last Night

    April 23, 2019 by Tickle Bear

    I had a dream where there was a Gumball next gen and there were children of each characters.

    Gumball and Penny has a child (obviously), So did Darwin and Carrie (again obvious), also Tina and Hector And somehow Principal Brown And Miss Simian. And Kayvon (the Apple kid) was the mother of a baby. (Despite being male in the show) Banana Joe had a Son, and Tobias had like 3-5 kids, who Rachel had to babysit. Then things got weirder. For some reason Alan And Carmen broke up and Alan got together with Sussie and they had a daughter. Nicole had another daughter, Unais, who looked like a lavender Anais. She HATED her older siblings like Anais used to and for some reason the only person who kept her sane was Banana Joe. Also the 8-Bit dog from “The…

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  • Johnnybro2883

    Here is the house but it was uploaded 2 years ago so how it it right now and who lives there?

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  • Baghead11

    Hello, everyone! Welcome to my fourth critic post! Today I am reviewing 10 of the 40 episodes viewable around the world. This is my opinion, but if you want to quickly comment your list, be my guest.

    This is a very heartwarming episode. It was bound to happen sometime, but they did in a funny and heartwarming way. Also the fourth wall breaks are hilarious.

    This had some very funny moments. Gumball jumping the fence at the end is hilarious, and his story is "fascinating". This episode gives The Amazing World of Gumball a new competent purpose.

    This episode was hilarious, especially during the last couple of scenes. Hector shrinking for the first time is very fun and interesting.

    When I first watched this episode, I was like: Oh, another major r…

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  • Alex Tzouvelis


    May 6, 2019 by Alex Tzouvelis

    Hi guys!!!!!!!!

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  • PVZ23


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  • Supersinger9000

    So I've been wanting to make this blog post for a while, about this theory (or maybe headcanon?) that I have about Gumball, and explain why I feel this way. Just to let you know, this is going to get pretty deep. You ever see one of those After Hours videos where it's just a bunch of people sitting in a diner talking about crazy theories about pop culture? And they seem really stupid at first glance but their theories are actually pretty well researched and at the end you almost end up believing them? It's probably gonna be a lot like that. Some people might think that I'm reading too deeply into this but I once read a 30 page paper arguing that Gumball Watterson was a god so I'm gonna do what I want.

    So, in order for this theor…

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  • Baghead11

    Welcome everyone to my third critic blog! Today I will be reviewing The Copycats.

    So the basic plot of the episode is, Gumball and his family are at the mall and Gumball and Darwin notice a new exotic food section. After Gumball and Darwin crack several jokes, they leave. However, people who look like Gumball and Darwin come and do exactly what Gumball and Darwin did. Gumball and Darwin try to explain to the rest of the family, but they see their doppelgängers, and crash. The family eventually find out that their doppelgängers are making money by copying them. They try to change their doppelgängers’ lives to stop them from copying, but they copy that too! So the family starts doing life threatening stuff to get their doppelgängers to risk t…

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  • Kash R

    My web comic

    April 27, 2019 by Kash R

    I made my own web comic! It's called Lil' Kids. The main character, Jon is based of me. He has a Gumball Doll!

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