• Baghead11

    This will take a while, but I have many reasons why the show will keep going.

    So this reason tips people off, but I know something else. The Vegging is the 200th episode, but when Banana Joe holds up his phone to the TV, this is what the TV shows:

    T _ _ S H _ W _ N D S A _ T _ _ S _ _ S _ N _. Now everyone thinks about what it says, and someone came up with:

    THE SHOW ENDS AFTER SEASON _, presumably 6.

    So the game Gary was playing is called Wheel Of Fortune. When Gary guessed “H”, all of the places with “H” appeared. You can’t spell “The” without “H”, so this is what it says:

    T?E SHOW ENDS AFTER SEASON _. Plus, no particular season is actually mentioned.

    Ben’s leaving after season six, and is planning to bring the show down with him. The ent…

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  • Koopsers Joopsers

    Season 3 had the best Gumball episodes. It was more funny

    Some of my favorite Season 3 episodes:

    The Kids

    The Fan

    The Procrastinators

    The Boss

    The Move

    The Law

    The Allergy

    The Void

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  • DabItMyBoyo

    I honestly like Season 1 better then the rest of the seasons.

    1. Season 1's art style is the only one that doesnt look creepy and robotic for me.

    2. I like that the 3d models look worse, really fits Gumball better then the new polished 3D models.

    3. Gumball and Darwin are very more innocent and is alot less cynical then Season 4 and after.

    4. Richard was alot more funnier, even when he is not trying to be. Now, its just Mordern Patrick all over agian.

    5. The backgrounds look more better and defined, now its just looks like the one you would download in some cheap 3D model pack.

    6. The Voice Actors sounded alot more better. Now the Watterson's Kids sound like adult instead of kids.

    7. The jokes were better and didnt break the 4th wall every 2 seco…

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  • Gumballizkewl

    Who’s your favorite, Baby Darwin, Baby Anies, or baby Gumball?

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  • Botuczy

    Moments from eps I think they're hilarious

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  • Crystalline-Jayz

    Yes, I want to share my favorite ships and my own headcanons about the show, "The Amazing World of Gumball". I hope you like them ;'3.

    • Felicity x Pantsbully (Very Underrated ship, I think Felicity x Pantsbully should be the canon ship)
    • Tobias x Sarah (Sounds creative to me)
    • Gumball x Penny (Superb ship)
    • Melted Cheese Guy x Karen (Underrated ship, I ship them, because in "The Love" was shown Melted Cheese Guy has crush on Karen)
    • Anais x Billy (I think It's adorable)
    • Leslie x Masami (They seems to be together to me in "The Drama")
    • Juke x Teri (It's very adorable and they seems to be together in "The End" and "The Mustache")

    • Melted Cheese Guy is Hot Dog Guy's uncle.
    • Penny has lynx form. She shapeshifts into lynx when she's being sorta of cool or tough…

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  • Crystalline-Jayz

    So, this is official quiz about my fan-made episode, The Cheese (Be sure to read It).

    Warning: Before taking the quiz, please read the fan-made episode linked above.

    So, let's get started :D.

    Also, I'm sorry If it looks bad.

    1st question - Gumball, Darwin and Melted Cheese Guy

    2nd question - Melted Cheese Guy is dating Alison Sandra Gator

    3rd question - "The Love"

    4rth question - Yes

    5th question - Saturday, Eleven O'clock A.M.

    6th question - Kilnkerman2111

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  • CD234

    Amazing(10/10),Superb(9/10),Great(8/10),Good(7/10), Decent(6/10),Okay(5/10),Meh(4/10) Mediocre(3/10),Bad(2/10),Awful(1/10),Terrible(0/10)

    The Rerun:Superb(9/10)

    The Stories:Decent(6/10)

    The Guy:Superb(9/10)

    The Boredom:Good(7/10)

    The Vision:Good(7/10)

    The Choices:Amazing(10/10)

    The Code:Superb(9/10)

    The Test:Good(7/10)

    The Slide:Great(8/10)

    The Loophole:Meh(4/10)

    The Copycats:Superb(9/10)

    The Potato:Meh(4/10)

    The Fuss:Good(7/10)

    The Outside:Mediocre(3/10)

    The Vase:Great(8/10)

    The Matchmaker:Amazing(10/10)

    The Box:Great(8/10)

    The Console:Superb(9/10)

    The Ollie:Great(8/10)

    The Catfish:Okay(5/10)

    The Cycle:Terrible(0/10)

    The Stars:Mediocre(3/10)

    The Grades:Good(7/10)

    The Diet:Good(7/10)

    The Ex:Terrible(0/10)

    The Sorcerer:Good(7/10)

    The Menu:Decent(6/10)

    The Uncle:Good(7…

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  • CD234

    It's been a while. I have been busy recently. However, I'm free now. Today I will review episodes. I review episodes

    I don't like but everyone else loves.

    This episode made me uncomfortable. Darwin in this episode is very weird. In addition, Elmore Jr. high students

    in this episode are very stupid. They thought Gumball in Nicole's wedding dress isn't Gumball. The Dress

    is a strange episode.


    The Triangle is bad episode in my opinion. I feel sorry for Gumball. Admittedly Gumball was jaelous of Darwin,

    but Even if it was so, Darwin, Nigel Brown, other classmates in this episode are very jerk. I hate them in this

    episode. The jokes amd gags aren't also very good.


    I feel sorry for Frankie in this episode. I think Wa…

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  • Crystalline-Jayz

    I gonna make my thoughs about each character from Tawog (Mainly underrated/Minor) and I gonna start with Melted Cheese Guy.

    I like his design. Mainly because the idea of "Humanoid made of melting cheese" is just creative. I like his hat for some reason. Also, he is such a fatty fatso.

    Appearance: 8/10

    He deserves more screentime.

    • In "The Love" was shown he has crush on Karen.
    • In "The Loophole" was shown he is binge-eater I think.
    • In "The Parents" was shown he was the couch (Which could means he may be around his 50's).
    • In "The Worst" was shown he wants to have a flat stomach.

    Funfact: I used these recaps to my fan-made episode, The Cheese.

    Also, I wish he had at least one major role in the series. I know he is more of minor character than someone imp…

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