Battle Bowlers

Battle Bowlers is an online game on the Cartoon Network website based on The Amazing World of Gumball. It was released on January 5th, 2015.


The object of the game is to knock down all the mutant pins with the bowling ball. The game plays in the style of an arcade shooter. There is one screen in which the player moves around in as pins of varying size and strength approach from every angle. 

The player moves around using the WASD keys, and switches characters using the number keys, with one being Anais, two being Gumball, and three being Darwin. Each character has two attacks, each of which behave in identical ways.

The main attack is throwing the bowling ball in the direction the mouse is pointing, accomplished by clicking the mouse. When the bowling ball is thrown, the player must retreive it in order to throw it again. The bowling ball, when thrown, rebounds off the edges of the screen, allowing the player to take out multiple enemies with one throw by angling throws correctly.

The special attack is a stomp that destroys everything in a circular area centered on the character, accomplished by hitting the spacebar. There is a cooldown of about twenty seconds after using this attack, however. The player may still use the bowling ball and run around as the special attack cools down. The player may use the special attack even if the bowling ball is not in their possession.

If a mutant pin touches the character, they will lose one heart. Losing all hearts results in a loss. However, the player may repeat the level an unlimited number of times.

The enemies may sometimes drop powerups:

  • Perfect Aim. A dashed line, showing the trajectory of the bowling ball when thrown, appears to assist the player for a short period of time.
  • Heart. Adds a heart to the player's current number of hearts. Cannot exceed the maximum limit.
  • Multi-ball. The player shoots three balls instead of one, in a cone formation.
  • Mega-ball. The player shoots bigger balls, allowing them to pierce through shields and damage otherwise invulnerable enemies.
  • Crazy-Ball. The balls the player shoots do not lose momentum upon hitting a surface, allowing the ball to continue moving at the initial velocity indefinitely.
  • Bomb-Ball. Upon contact with an enemy, the bowling ball will explode, doing extra damage and piercing through shields and invulnerability, as well as damaging enemies in a small area around it.

The player may have multiple powerups active at once. For example, having Multi-ball and Mega-ball active would give the player the ability to shoot three large balls in a cone.



  • Gumball: Gumball specializes in health - he starts off with four hearts, and has average speed and power.
  • Darwin: Darwin specializes in speed - he moves faster than Gumball and Anais, and has average power and three hearts.
  • Anais: Anais specializes in power - her attacks typically take out enemies in one less hit than her brothers, but, she is the slowest of the three, and only starts with two hearts.


  • Richard: Richard is the one that originally took the kids to go bowling. He takes offence to the kids finding it boring - he loves it because even though it is a sport, 90% of the time is spent sitting down and eating snacks. He is not seen again after the kids leave the bowling alley.
  • Tobias: Tobias is seen getting attacked by the bowling pins as Gumball, Darwin, and Anais run home. The trio start to help him out, but get attacked by even more monsters. They ultimately decide to leave Tobias to defend himself.
  • Penny: When Tobias is seen getting attacked by the bowling pins, Penny can be seen in the background running away from a Cranker.
  • Hector: At the end of the "Road Rage" levels, Hector comes to finish off the remaining monsters, crushing them with his feet. The trio thank him as they run home.


  • Pinhead: A basic enemy that always goes for the most direct, obvious path towards the player. One hit from any character will eliminate it.
  • Eyeclops: A stronger version of Pinhead. It behaves the same way, but it takes Gumball and Darwin two hits to eliminate it. Anais can still take it out with one shot.
  • Cranker: A hulking, muscular bowling pin. It can take three hits from Gumball and Darwin, or two hits from Anais.
  • Sprike: A trophy-styled enemy that moves faster than the pins. It moves in short, quick bursts; it will stay still for a second, then dash a certain distance towards the player and pause again. What it gains in speed, it loses in health - one hit from any ball will eliminate him.
  • Toe Jammer: A blue bowling shoe that fires projectiles. It is invulnerable while its mouth is closed, but can otherwise be taken out with one hit from any character.
  • Bad Toe Jammer: A red bowling shoe that acts the same as its blue counterpart, but shoots multiple shots at once. Like the blue bowling shoe, it can only be damaged when its mouth is open, but only takes one hit to eliminate.
  • Splatterbrats: A purple blob that falls from the ceiling and, after a few seconds, hatches into three purple bowling balls that roll around the screen. While unhatched, they cannot damage the player. In either form, it takes one hit from any character to eliminate.
  • Tableface: A green blob with a table protecting its front side. The table acts as a shield, deflecting normal bowling balls away from it without harming the blob. 
  • Rolling Boss: A large pinball-shaped robot with a lot of health, and the first form of the final boss. He alternates between three attacks, split into two repeating stages. The first stage has him strafing up and down while firing projectiles, sometimes pausing for a second to extend his claws out in an attempt to damage the player. The second stage has him dashing around the screen in straight lines, attempting to mow the player down as his minions, pinheads, attack.
  • Bowling Boss (AKA The Alien Kingpin): The second and final form of the final boss. It has two main attacks: the first is a bowling ball throw similar to the player's. It can even mimic some of the power-ups, such as Mega-Ball, where it fires off a larger ball than usual. Its second attack is a short charge towards the player, which then causes a few pieces of the ceiling to drop down. Both can damage the player. A heart appears near to where the alien landed after the charge. 


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