Azrael vector.png
Character Information
Gender: Male ♂
Species: Ghost
Friends: Carrie (ex-girlfriend)
First Appearance: "The Drama"
Voice: Alex Jordan (United States)[1]
Joe Sugg (United Kingdom)[2]

Azrael is a single-appearance character in The Amazing World of Gumball. He was Carrie's boyfriend for one or two decades. He first appears in "The Drama."


Wearing a gray hoodie, gray cuffed pants, and gray shoes, Azrael is a ghost whose head, partially hidden by his hood, has hollow eyes and a prominent pointy "beak." Because of his medieval origins, his head would resemble the mask of a plague doctor.

His hoodie has a logo on it, resembling the design of The Neighbourhood album Wiped Out!. His pants are cuffed up to his ankles and are partially covered by his baggy hoodie.


Azrael is revealed as a laid-back and friendly guy, who keeps a cool head and is primarily seen as calm and relaxed. He maintains a platonic relationship with Carrie and is not affected by her current relationship with Darwin. Despite this, Gumball is persistent in believing that Azrael is trying to gain Carrie back, but in the end, the opposite is true.

Episode appearances

Season 6

  • "The Drama": He meets up with Carrie after a long-term separation and rebuilds a friendship with her.


  • In later airings, starting with the episode's May 27th debut in the United Kingdom, guest star Joe Sugg voices Azrael in "The Drama."[2]
  • He is notably similar to the black and white spies from the Mad magazine and its TV series, which also aired on Cartoon Network. His appearance may also be a reference to the game Hollow Knight because of his hollow eyes and simplistic head shape, reminiscent of an assassin bug.



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