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The Awesome Store is a van that sells mysterious items. Its owner is the van shopkeeper. It is usually located inside the mall parking lot.

Episode appearances

Season 3

  • "The Puppy": Richard buys Evil Turtle from here. It also appears at the end of the episode, where it is blown up.
  • "The Allergy": It is shown when the cars and buildings are falling to the ground.
  • "The Mothers": It makes a brief cameo in the mall's parking lot.

Season 4

Season 5

Season 6

Known Products

  • The Evil Turtle.
  • A Universal Remote which can manipulate the universe with functions similar to that of a TV-remote.
  • A small fish bowl containing Darwin.
  • The knockoff game-console known as the Game Child which can transport the user into the game.
  • Fertilizer that turns its user evil.
  • A phone that takes control of its user.
  • A magic notebook that makes everything written/drawn in it real.
  • A doctor's license.
  • An umbrella which contains a full-on thunderstorm.
  • A possessed doll, presumably possessed by the spirit of a young child.
  • A magic lamp which makes anything the holder wishes for become real.
  • A duck-pegasus hybrid.
  • An ordinary pair of glasses.
  • Two magic refrigerators.
  • A bookshelf that alphabetizes dreams.
  • Many miscellaneous items.



  • It has no official name, but it is known as the Awesome Store by Richard, and is later referred to as such by Gumball and Darwin.
  • The interior of the Awesome Store differs between "The Puppy," "The Origins," and "The Shippening."
    • In "The Shippening," the shop's owner claims that it has at least five floors.
  • A running gag occurs where the Awesome Store is destroyed. This has happened in "The Puppy," "The Disaster," and "The Console."
  • The Awesome Store is most likely a parody of the horror book/film Needful Things.

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