The April Fools promos are out of show videos for The Amazing World of Gumball. They were aired as part of an April Fools' Day marathon in 2012. These shorts feature Banana Joe and his shenanigans around Elmore.


Slipping Down The Stairs

Banana Joe knocks on the door of Elmore Junior High and runs down the steps. As he's running, he falls and tumbles down the stairs. Principal Brown can be seen opening the school door, looks down at the ground, and shuts the door again.

You're Rotten!

Banana Joe is in the cafeteria telling the question of a joke he is about to answer. The answer is untimely revealed when a banner saying "You're Rotten!" appears behind him. He looks at the banner and angrily walks offscreen.


Banana Joe is in his room, telling the audience a joke, but he suddenly teleports to the desert and angrily screams "Hey!" while pouting.

Squished by Hector

Banana Joe is at the schoolyard, dancing while Gumball watches him. Hector falls over, crushing Joe while Gumball laughs.

Kicked by Hector

Banana Joe is dancing near a bus stop with a "kick me" sign attached to his back. Hector notices and kicks him off screen as the sign flutters to the ground.

Turn The Lights Back On!

Banana Joe is in one of the school's corridors when Gumball and Darwin flick the lights off. Seconds later, they come back on and Joe announces he's hosting an April Fools marathon. The lights turn off again as Banana Joe walks over to Gumball and Darwin.

Trap Door

Banana Joe is in the cafeteria, standing next to the entrance. A trap door opens up underneath him, causing him to fall in as he starts screaming.



  • Bizarrely, Gumball uses his Season 2 design despite everyone else using their Season 1 design.


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