Anais' Flickr is an online campaign related to The Amazing World of Gumball. It is a website on Flickr with a multitude of pictures taken supposedly by Anais of the Wattersons and around the city of Elmore. Updates ceased in December 2011.


Family Life


  • Anais' account was created around March of 2011, proving that the account was planned before the TV show's air dates in the US, UK, etc.
  • In the image "Spray today, gone tomorrow." Rocky can be seen cleaning the scrapped character Splatty.
  • In Carrie's picture ("Carrie at the emo shop"):
    • The poster of three wolves howling at the moon is a reference to a t-shirt sold on Amazon that has garnered several humorous reviews.
    • "Bisou" is the French word for "Kiss"; the sticker is likely a reference to the famous American rock band, Kiss. The "AB-CD" sticker is a reference to AC/DC. Notably, both of the bands would be advertised on Rocky's shirts in Seasons 1, 2, and 3.
  • In the picture of the Robinsons arguing ("A classic moment with the Robinsons"), the photos take place in famous locations. They are (from left to right): the Eiffel Tower, the London Tower, and the Great Sphynx of Giza. 
  • In the "Four and a Half Hours Later..." photo, Anais' reflection can be seen in the window.


  • Carrie should not show up on film, and yet does in the photo of her in the emo shop.
  • In "Typical dinner scenario. 'One. Two. Three'," Darwin and Nicole are missing their eyelashes.

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