Alligators On a Train

Alligators on a Train is a movie in The Amazing World of Gumball that appeared in "The DVD." Nicole rented the movie from Laser Video for Gumball to watch at home.

The original DVD was destroyed after Gumball mistakenly scratches the disc with the wrong side of a scrubby sponge after Darwin tries to use it as a pizza cutter. In the resulting panic at his realization, it was accidentally thrown into the kitchen sink and shredded by the garbage disposal to a point of no return. To hide their misdeed and return the DVD to Laser Video, Gumball and Darwin create a home-made version using cardboard cut-outs and listing their names exclusively on the credits, but it fails to trick Larry.

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Transcript of Gumball and Darwin's version

[Darwin holds up a piece of cardboard with "Alligators on a Train!" written on it; made-up music plays in the background]
Gumball: Doot doot doot! [Fake theme music] Alligators on a Train!
[Scene changes to Darwin wearing a fake mustache]
Darwin: Oh no! There's alligators on this train! [Darwin beats up the cardboard alligator] Thank goodness, we got all the alligators off this train!
Gumball: [using a slightly high-pitched voice] Thank you so much for saving us from all the alligators on this train.
[Gumball and Darwin initiate a fake make-out scene]



  • Apparently, Gumball watched Alligators on a Train seventy-two times before "The DVD."
  • Alligators on a Train is an obvious parody of Snakes on a Plane.
  • When Darwin is using Alligators on a Train as the pizza-cutter, one can see that it is actually a HD DVD Disc, which cannot be played in most DVD readers, meaning that the Wattersons' DVD player is a rare model.
  • The song was used in the end credits for "The DVD" and "The Responsible."

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