The Amazing World of Gumball Permainan Android adalah game kelima berdasarkan The Amazing World of Gumball. Saat ini, hanya tersedia di dunia yang menakjubkan dari permainan android tolol.

Permainan mini

  • Tantangan Pemotongan Karate
  • Penghindaran Bola Darwin
  • Pencipta Karakter

Bermain Tantangan Pemotongan Karate

Help Gumball chop his way through objects such as TVs, evil tree stumps and even cardboard crocodiles in his quest to become a Karate Master. Time your swipes to chop through objects, but make sure you don’t miss or risk becoming a Karate Weiner.

Bermain Penghindaran Bola Darwin

Become the ultimate dodge ball champion with Darwin. Tilt the device to dodge balls. Tap to fire at the other characters as they run past. Collect special bonus shots, extra lives and time bonuses to help you set the best high score.

Bermain Pencipta Karakter

Let your imagination loose as you build characters using over 50 different body parts from the show. Take a photo of anything - your dad, your hamster, your house and transform them into your very own Gumball character. Share your creations with your friends by email Facebook or Twitter!


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