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MurumoKirby360 is a username in was registering beginning since November 12,2008 to present.

  • Other names: MuruKir,Murumo Kirby
  • My japanese name: ムルモカービィ360(murumokabi360)
  • My Zodiac sign: Taurus
  • My Chinese Zodiac Sign: Rooster
  • Country: Philippines
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My favorite pages

My Favorite Games


Spot is my Chowder OC.He's a PUPPY-CAT Thing (Pupcat). His Apperance: Spot is a fitty child who wears a light blue clothes (his shirt is similar as Chowder's purple shirt) and his blue turbo sneaker shoes, that he can run FAST without rang out a fuel/ battery.His shoes has a endless fuel! His dream is to become a "BEST DRIVER IN THE WHOLE WORLD" just like the rest of them, so he decided to drive hard! His hobbies is collecting toy cars (even he likes to collect robots like Gundams, Macross,etc...),he's fully interest in racing games (like Gran Turismo, Need For Speed,etc)(even he also he likes mecha games a lot!), watching some racing sports,games,etc.... And among other stuff..

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Spot's Cars

Spot has many cars that he want in every racing game series.The name "SPOT" was came out from the name car of Subaru Impreza WRX STi Spec C limited (GD Type II)'04 from Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3 DX+, his current orginality car.

Since January 8,2013 , SPOT- has now finally transfered to Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 4.


Since September 20,2013 I've just create my 2nd Chowder OC and her name is Riya.

Riya is Spot's twin sister who always interest at cars (and mechas,too...), she always fit that she can do flips,exhibitions, and also sometimes do a little stunts. She also braves in racing even she's good at drifting like Spot. Like her twin brother, she loves soft and comfortable stuffs that she always hug it, even she hugged her twin brother (Spot). Not only she's cute and adorable, but also she's very helpful too through her friends and Spot.


Color skin: lighted pink , nose: Salmon Pink

Clothing: Light Blue/Sky Blue and pink hoodie/hooded sweatshirt with a pink heart logo, light blue/ sky blue with pink short and light blue/ sky blue with pink short turbo sneakers (same wearing as Spot).

Update: My POCO- tuning card will be renamed RIYA♥ in a Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 4 soon...

By Oct. 23,2013, POCO- was renamed to RIYA in Wangan Midnight Maximum 4, but the colors and other needs are really required: Light Blue and pink stripes, also they need some more customs, except Aero set.

My favorite Cars in all Gran Turismo series:


Cuteness Defender is a cartoon and mecha crossover.It was discovered since 2007 when from the characters of Mirmo! and from the mechas of Gundam SEED Destiny.Sometimes I've create myself a Gundam before I've create some cutness mechas.Cuteness Defender was also close similar word from "SUPER DEFORM" or SD for short from the Gundam series [1]. But unlike SD, Cuteness Defender are half human/animal/fiend half mecha. Not only there cute but there tuff thanks to their mecha form.

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Originally was called "THE CUTENESS (Number)" since 2008. I was created the Cuteness team called "THE CUTENESS 4(FOUR)". The 4 members are I-Murumo (from Mirmo!), II-Mirmo (from also MirmO!), III- Pocoyo (From Pocoyo) and IV- Kirby (from Kirby). Originally i've draw a concept for the Cuteness Four, and it turns out a very nice, but it's not my official as my result( Freedom Gundam (MS Gundam SEED) is Murumo's first armor cuteness.By far it used from 2008-2010. Since 2009, I've try to find another cuteness and figure it out to become "THE CUTENESS FIVE" (In the first place), but it turns out, I've decided to cancelled and find for another year. On July 5,2010, Pocoyo has now 2 Heroine Gundams is the Wing Gundam Zero (TV version) (New Mobile Report Gundam Wing) and RX-0 Unicorn Gundam (Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn), among with Kirby, he also has two, Gundam Epyon (New Mobile Report Gundam Wing) and Sinanju (Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn).By Since July 2010, Chowder (from Chowder on Cartoon Network) is join the Cuteness crew and became a replacement for Mirmo (except Murumo because it's still my favorite on the line, and although Chowder show will be finally cancelled since August 2010 due to rang out of budget for C.H. Greenblatt, the creator of GUmball), also the first time that I choose a fursona character from Cartoon Network. Once I've draw Chowder and his first mecha armor (w/ Panini my 1st female fursona by since 7/27/2010, although I've decided it's not official armor cuteness mecha. By 9/8/2010,I've just found his perfect cuteness armor mecha and that's the Legend Gundam from MS Gundam SEED Destiny. And "THE NEW CUTENESS FOUR" has just revealed since 12/3/10. Since 7/3/2011, another fursona that I've just added, Gumball Watterson (from The Amazing World Of Gumball) has just added to the Cuteness crew ( and became "THE CUTENESS FIVE", which I drew it the whole member since 7/8/11 (

And his first Cuteness mecha that I did to him is the Gundam Throne Eins from MS Gundam 00 (Which is a bad guy of the Gundam), among with his siblings; Darwin Watterson as the Gundam Throne Zwei and Anais Watterson as the Gundam Throne Drei .This is a pic ( By 9/30/11, Gumball's first Allied Gundam is the ORB-01 Akatsuki Gundam from MS GUndam SEED Destiny ("THE CUTENESS FIVE" will be used from 2011 until 2012. By since January 11,2012, Spot (My Chowder OC) has just become Murumo's replacement (because I've draw Murumo a many times in every year), and his first mecha used is the Strike Freedom Gundam from the MS GUndam SEED Destiny after Murumo gave his Strike Freedom to his new Cuteness leader and although he's become the captain and he's my the 1st freedom Since 5/4/09 ( On March 11,2012,It's the 1st anniversary of the earthquake in Japan since March 11,2011, So i decided to draw for the 1st anniversary of Japan's disaster (, althought some anime drawers are started to draw about the Japan's disaster and their making their on titles about the Japan hits earthquake. Since 3/8/2012, Mobile Suit Gundam SEED has now 10th anniversary special and there making a Remastered version. I've draw Freedom Spot and Freedom MuruKir for the 10th anniversary of Gundam SEED ( Spot, Gumball and Chowder are having a New Mechas; Spot has - Gundam Age-1 Normal, Gumball has - Gundam AGE-2 Normal and Chowder AGE-3 Normal . All three are from Mobile Suit GUndam AGE(Althought I've started to watched that since 2012), and drawed since 4/1/2012. Spot, GUmball and Chowder has their own Wear system and AGE system (which is they didn't affect for those three). In Wear system Spot has Titus and Spallow (, Gumball has a Double Bullet and Artimes (The Artimes wear system was came from the Mobile Suit Gundam AGE EXA-LOG [Manga] ) (, and Chowder has a Fortress and Orbital ( since October 2,2012, After i've watch Gundam AGE the Final Episode (49), I've drew a similar posed to this picture which I've saw this on the 3rd Opening Song (AURORA - AOI EIR From Feb 16 to 17,2013, Murumo is back (which that I missed him so much), so decided to draw it and promoted as a the captain and owner of the Cuteness Five Crew.

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