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• 7/23/2018

Art Contest - July/August 2018

Does this really need an introduction at this point?

--The Purpose-----------------------------------------------
In this thread, artists enter their art into the contest. All eligible art submitted to this thread will be forwarded to the voting thread, in which users will vote on which pieces they like the best. The three winning pieces will have their art displayed on the front page.

Contrary to what the attached image may suggest (again, somebody seriously needs to update that), you are not limited to strictly 2D drawings. The posibilites of what you can do with your art are endless provided you can contain it all in one still image. Possible styles include, but not limited to:

- 2D Drawing
- 3D Models
- Clay figures
- Photography
- Comic panels
- Posters

--The Way (to Submit Your Work)-----------------
Submitting your artwork is simple! All you have to do to submit your work is a attach your art to your comment.

---The Rules--------------------------------------------------------
It's everybody's favorite part: rules!

- I don't care how "scrumptious" your M-rated fanart of a naked Ms. Simian having an intense threesome with Principal Brown and Mr. Small may be, under no circumstances will NSFW-content be allowed. Failure to follow this rule results in an instant disqualification and a ban on your account.
- No plagiarizing! You MUST be the creator of any work you submit. If anybody catches you plagiarizing, you will be disqualified and possibly banned from future events.
- You are allotted one submission. If you submit more than once, only your most recent submission will be accepted.
- As of now, the deadline for submissions is August 18th, 2018. Unless something goes wrong, this is a hard deadline. Under normal circumstances, the thread will be closed, and no more submissions will be accepted, so don't procrastinate.
- Again, only still images will be accepted. Failure to so will result in a disqualification.
- Any work submitted to the previous contest may NOT be resubmitted. Failure to follow this rule will result in a disqualification. Sorry guys, you have to submit something new.
- This should be obvious, but just to drive the point home, any work submitted must be GUMBALL-related.
- Just be aware that you're riding a slippery slope with original characters that is ultimately under the judgement of me or some other staff member. Ninety-nine times out of 100, though, the answer is "no".
- To reiterate: GUMBALL RELATED
- Stay respectful. Self-explanatory.
- No, submissions that are recolors/costume modifications of character PNG files are not enough to get accepted into this contest. If you want to modify these PNG files go ahead, but do more with it.

--The Votes ----------------------------------------------------------
More details on voting will be detailed in a future thread.

---The Prize--------------------------------------------------------
Like always, the three art pieces with the highest number of votes will be displayed on the main page. More details will be in the voting thread.

---The Conclusion-------------------------------------------------
I have finished my piece. feel free to create a piece if you feel inclined! It's always fun to see how different artists' deception of The Amazing World of Gumball.

If you need help with anything, please contact the me or any of the staff members (links to them can be found via the front page) through our message boards.

I wish all participants the best of success! :)
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• 7/24/2018
Here's my entry oof
• 7/26/2018
Ok,Here is mine
• 7/29/2018
It seems the link on the main page links to the May art contest instead of this one, can someone update it? Then we might get more entries =p
• 7/30/2018
Yeah, you were right! My bad. The mistake has since been corrected. Thank you for pointing that out!
• 7/30/2018
No problem! Thanks for taking the time to hold these contests!
• 8/1/2018
sub, pose based on opening
• 8/3/2018
Here's my entry. enjoy.
• 8/9/2018
Taking one out of the backlog for this one
• 10/15/2018
I can’t draw Gumball characters yet but at least I can draw DHMIS
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